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Associate Professor of Remote Sensing

Understanding high spatiotemporal resolution multidimensional ecosystem process, function, monitoring and applications through geospatial techniques



• Center for Advanced Forestry Systems (CAFS) located at The University of Washington, NSF Award # 0855690
• CNH: Collaborative Research: Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia and Land Use in the Watershed: Feedback and Scale Interactions, NSF Award # 1010009
Oct 2013 Dr. Moskal gave one of the keynote talks at the SilviLaser conference in Beijing, China.
August 15-19, 2011 Dr. Moskal presented at the Applied Geoinformatics for Society and Environment Conference in Nairobi, Kenya
April 12-16, 2011 AAG Annual Meeting 10 talks were given by RSGAL students and collaborators
March 3, 2011 UW RSGAL Geospatial Canopy Cover Assessment Workshop
2011 and 2010 Water Symposium
SilviLaser2009 LiDAR Expert Panel
2009 LTER Meeting
2009 Monitoring Arid Wetlands Radio Story
Beyond ground surface models: ecological applications of terrestrial and aerial LiDAR SFR Centers: Annual Research Review University of Washington 4/18/08
Hyperspectral, Multispectral, LiDAR Sensing and Data Fusion for Forest Habitats Workshop for Riparian Studies, University of Washington Botanic Gardens, Center for Urban Horticulture, Seattle, WA 12/1/06
2007 Centennial Grove Modeling
Senator visits RSGAL MSU 2006
KSMU91.1 FM Public Radio interview: MSU Arboretum Mapping Project

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Dr. L. Monika Moskal

Dr. L. Monika Moskal is an Associate Professor of Remote Sensing at the University of Washington (UW), College of the Environment, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, where she is the Director of the Precision Forestry Cooperative and the Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Laboratory(RSGAL). She is one of the core faculty in the UW Precision Forestry Cooperative and is affiliated with the UW BioEnergy IGERT  and the UW Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Urban Design and Planning. She is also the Faculty Advisor for the UW-Geospatial Club and a board member and past President of the Puget Sound American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - ASPRS.

Dr. Moskal's CV pdf


Dr. Moskal's and her RSGAL's research goal is to understand multiscale and multidimensional dynamics of landscape change through the application of hyper-resolution remote sensing and GIS. The lab develops methods necessary to analyze hyper-resolution remotely sensed data by exploiting spatial, temporal and spectral capabilities of the data. RSGAL work focuses on the application of hyperspatial resolution remote sensing (LiDAR, imagery) to investigate vegetation structure, specifically the utilization of leaf area index in heterogeneous canopies. Other RSGAL research themes involve multi resolution and multi sensor data fusion, spatiotemporal object-based image analysis (OBIA) and geovisualization techniques to communicate research results. Our research has been applied to the following themes: ecosystem services and function, bioenergy/biomass, forest health and inventories, change analysis, biodiversity, habitat mapping, spatiotemporal wetland assessments, geostatistical analysis of prairie vegetation communities, urban growth and forest fragmentation.

She received her BS in Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo (1996), her MS in Remote Sensing and GIS from the University of Calgary (2000) and her PhD in Remote Sensing and GIS from the University of Kansas (2005) where her research focused on spatiotemporal modeling of post-disturbance forest regeneration in the Yellowstone region.
Dr. Jeffery Richardson |website| began his Post-doctoral appointment on Nov. 1, 2011, he was a PhD Student with Dr. Moskal from 2008 and defended his PhD in June 2011.

Dr. Aaron Johnston is a 2013 PhD graduate from the UW-SEFS Wildlife Ecology program, he is working with RSGAL on developing lidar based habitat models.

Meghan Halabisky|website| PhD student, working on Dr. Moskal's grants related to spatiotemporal wetland assessments as well as a wetland project collaborations between RSGAL and the UW Climate Impacts Group.
Jonnie Dunn|website|MS student and a SEFS Fellowship recipient he will work on LiDAR/hyperspectral based ecological assessments
Chris Vondrasek MS Student and a past RSGAL undergraduate research assistant, returns to RSGAL for an MS in remote sensing.
• Riley Milinovich is working with Dr. Moskal since the summer of 2011 on collecting terrestrial LiDAR data in WA and OR, he is working on developing protocols for this type of data collection in 2012.
• Max Sugarman is working on his capstone project with RSGAL
Alexandra Kazakova (MS2013), Mike Hannam (PhD 2013), Justin Kirsch (MS 2013), Diane Styers (Postdoc 2010-2011) Nick Vaughn (Postdoc 2012 & PhD 2011) Guang Zheng (PhD 2011) David Stephens (MS 2011) Meghan Halabisky (MS 2010) Todd Erdody (MS 2009) Chris Vondrasek (BSc 2009) Laurel James (BSc 2008) Akira Kato (PhD 2008) Jeff Richardson (MS 2008) Teri Hunsinger-Nelson (MS 2006) Nathan Huggins (MS 2006) Jennifer Haack (MS 2006) Jon Woosley (MS 2006) ...more past students

pdfMoskal, L.M. and M. Jakubauskas, 2013. Monitoring post disturbance forest regeneration with hierarchical object-based image analysis, in Forests, Special Issue: LiDAR and Other Remote Sensing Applications in Mapping and Monitoring of Forests Structure and Biomass; 4(4); 808-829. pdf Moskal, L. M. and G. Zheng, 2012. Retrieving Forest Inventory Variables with Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) in Urban Heterogeneous Forest. Remote Sensing, 4(1), 1-20. pdf Moskal, L.M., D. M. Styers and M. Halabisky, 2011. Monitoring Urban Forest Canopies Using Object-Based Image Analysis and Public Domain Remotely Sensed Data. Remote Sensing Special Issue on Urban Remote Sensing, 3 (10); 2243-2262. pdf Moskal, L.M. & S.E. Franklin, 2004. Relationship between airborne multispectral image texture and aspen defoliation, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 25:14; 2710-2711. pdf Moskal, L.M. & S.E. Franklin, 2002. Multistory forest stand discrimination with multiscale texture from high spatial detail airborne imagery, Geocarto International, 17(4); 53-66. pdfMoskal, L.M., M.D. Dunbar, M.E. Jakubauskas, 2004. Visualizing the forest: a forest inventory characterization in the Yellowstone National Park based on geostatistical models, in A Message From the Tatras: Geographical Information Systems & Remote Sensing in Mountain Environmental Research, Widacki,. W., Bytnerowicz, A. & Riebau, A. (eds). Institute of Geography & Spatial Management of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow & the USDA Forest Service: 219-232.

Dr. Nick Vaughn (Postdoc 2012, PhD 2011) is a Smithsonian Postdoc with the Forest Service at University of Hawaii at Hilo. Dr. Diane Styers (Postdoc 2010-2011) is an Assistant Professor of Remote Sensing in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources at Western Carolina University, located in Cullowhee, NC. Dr. Guang Zheng (PhD 2011) is now an Associate Professor in Remote Sensing at Nanjing University, China and Dr. Akira Kato (PhD 2011) is an Assistant Professor specializing in Remote Sensing at Chiba University, Japan.
TOTAL GRADUATED Post-Docs(3) PhD(5) MS(10) Undergrad(13)
Dr. Moskal's Office: Bloedel Hall 382
Phone: 206.221.6391
Seattle WA, 98195-2100