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Midterm Report and Presentation INST 776 - HCIM Capstone

This assignment provides a checkpoint to ensure all projects are on schedule and to readjust the milestones if necessary. This assignment is worth 15% of the total grade; for further grade breakdown see below.


The following must be submitted to me by email by the start of class on the due date:

  1. Short progress report
  2. In-class presentation (submit slides)
  3. Final report section outline

Short Progress Report

Submit a ~1-page report that includes the following:

In-class Presentation

We'll do in-class presentations to solicit peer feedback. The presentations should be 7-10 minutes long. Practice. I will time presentations and cut them off if they go long.

Below is a suggested outline, though you do not need to follow it exactly. Steps 4-7, for example, may not always apply or may need to be ordered differently.

  1. Overall problem and motivation
  2. Brief overview of approach / solution.
  3. Related work - only the most important that is necessary to know about to understand why your project is cool.
  4. Design Approach
  5. Prototype
  6. Evaluation Method - either completed or planned
  7. Evaluation Findings - only if you have them already
  8. Progress Reflection - briefly show your original timeline, explain where the progress has differed
  9. Plan - what are the remaining milestones?

You may use your own laptop to present or you may use mine. If using my laptop, send your slides by 12pm on the due date. PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Docs formats are all fine. Be aware that non-standard fonts may not render correctly on my laptop.

Final Report Section Outline

I will provide more detail on the final report later, but for now I want each of you to consider what sections you will include given your specific project. Simply list first- and second-level headings you expect to have, with a one-sentence description for each.

Many sections are standard but I want you to think about which are most appropriate for your project, what will go into each section, and whether there are additional sections that would be useful to include. Here are some standard headings, but you do not need to follow this exactly:

Grading (Total 15%)