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Final Presentation INST 776 - HCIM Capstone

Final presentations will be open to the public and will be made before a panel of three judges. The presentation is worth 20% of the total grade. For further grade breakdown see below.


Slides must be submitted to me by email by 12pm on Thursday, April 25. If using Prezi, send me a PDF.

You may use your own laptop to present or you may use mine, but please let me know in advance. PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, and Google Docs formats are all fine. Be aware that non-standard fonts may not render correctly on my laptop.


Presentations will be 15 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions. Practice. I will time presentations and cut them off if they go long.

Below is a suggested outline, though you do not need to follow it exactly. Steps 4-7, for example, may not always apply or may need to be ordered differently.

  1. Overall problem and motivation
  2. Brief overview of approach / solution.
  3. Related work - only the most important that is necessary to know about to understand why your project is cool.
  4. Design Approach
  5. Prototype - and possible demo!
  6. Evaluation Method
  7. Findings
  8. Discussion / Reflection
  9. Limitations
  10. Future Work

Grading (Total 20%)

The presentation will be graded based on how well the material is communicated, on the content and quality of the work, and on the presentation style.