Adam Leaché

adamAdam started at the University of Washington in 2010 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology and
Curator of Genetic Resources & Herpetology at the Burke Museum. He’s also a member of the Statistical Genetics Faculty Core.

Contact Info.

Academic History
• NSF Bioinformatics Postdoc., UC Davis, 2008–2010
• Ph.D., Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley, 2008
• M.S., Biology, San Diego State University, 2000
• B.S., Biology, San Diego State University, 1997
• A.A., Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA, 1995

Research in the Leaché Lab focuses on phylogenetics, systematics, phylogeography, and species delimitation. We study natural populations, and we conduct extensive fieldwork to collect specimens for our research. Most of us are currently studying amphibians and reptiles, but we also have on-going projects focused on birds, mammals, and plants. We maintain active research labs with a mix of graduate and undergraduate students in the Department of Biology and at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture.

We use a wide variety of new genomic tools in our research, including RADseq for SNP-based phylogeography and species delimitation, reduced-representation libraries (RRL’s) and ultra-conserved elements (UCE’s) for phylogenetics, and RNAseq for transcriptome studies. We are also interested in phylogenetic methods, and we conduct computer simulations to study statistical aspects of species tree inference.