Join the Lab

Undergraduate Anna Trinh, Arizona 2012.

Prospective Graduate Students
The lab is currently full, and I cannot accept new students this year.

The Department of Biology has a detailed Graduate Admissions Website containing information about the admission requirements, scholarships, logistics, and support. I will encourage you to develop your own dissertation project so that you can establish yourself as an independent researcher. You are also welcome to collaborate on our primary research projects.

Graduate students are typically offered teaching or research positions (up to five years of support), and a variety of scholarships are available through the Department of Biology. I will support your research while you collect preliminary data to become a competitive applicant for external funding. Additional support through the Burke Museum is available to fund your collections-based field expeditions.

Postdoctoral Researchers
The University of Washington is a fantastic setting to conduct postdoctoral research.  The research facilities in the Department of Biology are excellent, and the Departments of Genome Sciences and Statistics offer great resources as well.  Please contact me if you are interested in applying for your own funding to join the lab. Postdoctoral funding is highly-competitive, so we should discuss your project ideas to determine how we can make your proposal as competitive as possible.

Undergraduate Students
A variety of undergraduate research positions are available in my lab. Research positions are available at the Burke Museum and at my lab in Kincaid Hall. Please contact me if you are interested.