Fence Lizard Evolution

Fence lizards (Sceloporus) are a great system for studying ecology and evolutionary biology. We have studied a broad array of topics with Sceloporus, including phylogenetics, phylogeography, species delimitation, hybrid zone dynamics, and life-history evolution. Our work on Sceloporus was recently supported by the National Science Foundation: NSF-DEB #1144630: Resolving rapid radiations and recent speciation in North American spiny lizards (Sceloporus).

Recently, we published a phylogenetic tree for Sceloporus that included nearly all 100 species using targeted sequence capture data from ~580 nuclear loci. We have also studied phylogeography, population genetics, and species limits in some of the more diverse species groups. These investigations have produced many genomic resources, including a draft genome of the western fence lizard.

Our current research on Sceloporus includes investigations of the phylogeographic history of the western fence lizards (S. occidentalis), as well as a comparison of hybrid zone dynamics through time in the plateau fence lizard (S. tristichus) in Arizona.

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