Bayesian Phylogenetics Workshop

A new workshop on Bayesian phylogenetic analysis using the program RevBayes is happening August 25-31, 2014 at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) in Durham, NC.  The course will cover a lot of useful material, including probability theory, divergence dating, species trees, biogeography, phylodynamics, comparative methods, and fully integrative Bayesian inference of phylogenetic parameters.  The course instructors are awesome too:
Bastien Boussau, LBBE, Lyon, France
Tracy Heath, UC Berkeley & U Kansas
Sebastian Höhna, UC Davis & UC Berkeley
John Huelsenbeck, UC Berkeley
Michael Landis, UC Berkeley
Nicolas Lartillot, LBBE, Lyon, France
Brian Moore, UC Davis
Fredrik Ronquist, NRM Stockholm
Tanja Stadler, ETH Zürich

They expect a lot of competition for space, so get your application in early.

Also, dress will be very casual, with a good chance of thunderstorms.

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