“Breaking Down Biology” at The Daily

The UW Daily posted a photo gallery highlighting our recent Introductory Biology (BIOL180) field trip to Camp Long: “Salamander Love Night”. The trip was a success! The students found all four species of salamanders that occur in the area.  We thank Stewart Wechsler for offering this stewardship adventure into nature, and BIOL180 field trip coordinator Celese Spencer for organizing the trip.

“With 641 students currently enrolled in Biology 180, there are 641 different ways to interpret a lecture, finish a pre-lab, take a weekly practice exam, and simply get lost in the shuffle. But the course’s required field trip helps size down the class while introducing students to concepts from lecture in locations across Washington state. Last week, 20 students visited Camp Long in West Seattle to search for salamanders and learn about salamander morphology, habitat, and courtship.”

Students inspect a Northwestern Salamander after finding the amphibian under a log along a hiking trail.

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