Education and Outreach

We aim to broadly disseminate our research to enhance understanding of the ecological and evolutionary impacts of climate change to students and the public.

The TrEnCh Project

We aim to develop tools for estimating, understanding, and visualizing the ecological impacts of climate change through our TrEnCh (Translating Environmental Change) project. Components under development include an interactive website ( that solves the computational challenges of disseminating high temporal and spatial resolution microclimate data ; an open source R package (TrenchR) that provides microclimate and biophysical (heat budget) models to assess how the environment impacts organisms; a mapping interfaces that runs biophysical models to forecast regions of likely thermal stress for species; and education and outreach resources. Our objectives are closely aligned with the intent of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Working Group II to refine estimates of biological vulnerability to given (e.g., 2°C) temperature changes.

Education and outreach resources

We have created the TrEnCh-ed website including interactive R Shiny applications and associated tutorials to allow students and others interested to explore the ecological and evolutionary impacts of climate change through interacting with data.

Our @trenchproject instagram feed includes thermal images exploring the thermal complexity of life. See the images at the Instagram tab.

We’ve developed a series of tutorials aimed at graduate students interested in biophysical ecology. The tutorials originate from a 1979 course at UW entitled “Physical Prcoesses in Ecosystems” and Mike Kearney, U Melbourne, contributed additional tutorials. The tutorials align with the TrenchR package.

Undergraduate course resources

Professor Buckley teaches a course in Physiological Ecology and Evolution as well as a course in Climate Change Biology. We aim to collaborative develop course resources.  We hope to post course resources soon and please get in touch if you are interested in resources in the meantime.