Monthly Archives: August 2013

New study on biological responses to climate change in marine systems

Oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, yet our knowledge of the impact of climate change on marine habitats is a mere drop in the proverbial ocean compared to terrestrial systems. The journal Nature Climate Change published the new findings of a three-year study conducted by a NCEAS working group which shows that warming oceans are […]

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Tons of cool historic resurvey work at ESA

It was great to see so many sessions about using historical data to understand biological responses to climate change.  Lauren enjoyed participating in a symposium on Rapid Climate Change and Species Range Shifts: Observations, Predictions, and Management and an IGNITE session on Constraints in Ecology at ESA.  Thanks to the organizers for including our group in such great sessions.

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Biological impacts of tropical warming on ectotherms

Lauren had a great time revisiting Anolis research and the Caribbean at a stimulating symposium in Puerto Rico.

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