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Research Question

What biology determines an organism's response to environmental change?

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Research Topics

Ecological forecasting and hindcasting

We are using historic data on species’ traits from museum specimens and performance from lab and field studies to assess phenotypic shifts and their influence on the species’ responses to recent climate changes. (Photo: Don Van Horn)

Mechanistic models of species' ranges in changing environments

One focus is developing mechanistic models of species distributions that scale from individual foraging energetics to population and community dynamics.

Physiological, energetic, and ecological constraints on abundance, distribution, and diversity

Another area of research examines how the evolution of physiological traits constrains broad-scale patterns of abundance, diversity, and species turnover.

Outreach and Education

We teach courses on physiological and global change evology and participate in a variety of outreach activities aimed at disseminating information about the ecological impacts of climate change.


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