Doctor Lise Nelson

University of Oregon


The Global Rural: Gentrification and linked migration in the rural USA

Lise Nelson’s current research, being conducted in collaboration with Peter Nelson of Middlebury College and funded by the National Science Foundation, examines landscapes of poverty in U.S. rural ‘amenity’ destinations during the last ten to fifteen years. In particular, we are interested in whether and how wealthy (mostly white) in-migrants moving to rural amenity destinations (with amenities such as golf courses, beautiful natural landscapes, ski resorts, etc.) create demand for low-wage service work that attracts immigrants, particularly Latinos/as, to these same amenity destinations. We are interested in examining labor market and housing dynamics in these contexts, for both non-immigrant and immigrant working class residents who are often negatively affected by rising property values. In addition, we are exploring questions of race, “illegality,” and belonging in these areas.


The Global Rural Abstract