Useful Web Sites -- Information and Research Materials on China 

1.UW East Asia Library has a lot of materials on China, including statistical yearbooks of the whole country, provinces, and cities. see (The latest Chinese statistical yearbooks are also on CD-ROM in EAL) 

2.The Chinese State Statistical Bureau's site:: (currently it has statistical yearbooks of recent years online)

3.This site links to many newspapers, magazines and journals on China, both in English and Chinese.

4.Universities Service Centre for Chinese Studies at Chinese University Hong Kong links to many newspapers, Chinese govt web pages, and statistical sources. Its library catelog is also online. 

5.Anthony Yeh's References search on urban development and planning in China. See: - a very comprehensive and useful site

6.CIESIN China page has boundary files and other socioeconomic data (by county). See

7.Google search ( has an advanced search function that can look up Chinese-language materials (choose “language tools”)

8.Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks! This site has annotated links to some four hundred China- and Chinese language and linguistics-related websites (and a few ftp and gopher sites).

9.Migration Dialogue at, on both international and internal migration (UC Davis) 

An extensive bibliography of useful websites on China is found in Fravel, M. Taylor, 2000. “Online and on China: Research Sources in the Information Age,” The China Quarterly, pp.821-842.

Date: October 21, 2002