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3D Graphics Companies

Alias|Wavefront: I used to work for these guys, they wrote Maya (based in Toronto, Canada).

Soft Image: This is another company based in Canada.

Discreet: These guys wrote Studio Max

Newtek: These guys wrote LightWave

Production Houses:

Industrial Light & Magic



Rythm & Hues


Go to gamedev's pages at: to find more.

Games stuff and Dev Sites:

Comment from Dan Macdonald: One of the most active game development communities on the internet. Be sure to check out the forums, There are a lot of resources for novice and advanced game developers alike.

Comment from Dan Macdonald: If your interested in OpenGL game development, this is one of the top sites on the internet for tutorials and getting help from members of the OpenGL game development communinty.

Comment from Dan Macdonald: Another good community site, though not quite as active as One of the intresting features of this site is the "Image Of The Day". Memebers of the independent game development community post screenshots of what they are working on and describe the tecnology. These images are updated on a regular basis.



Comment from Gabriel Holmes: One is the education part of They have a section where people post projects they need people to work on. Most of them are not for pay but this might be a real good option if I don't find anything commercially arond here. The url for the education section is If you look under the internships block, you can go see what stuff they have. is a game/graphics development website featuring articles, resources, daily news updates, and an active forum.



Home of independent games and games maker.


IDGA (international game developer's association)

Comment from Gabriel Holmes: Another really good site is IDGA (international game developer's association) student page at


Seattle IGDA:

This is the local chapter of IDGA

This is the link to the Games developer's conference.

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