XNA Creator’s Club membership and connection to the XBOX 360


You must be a currently enrolled student to be eligible.

  1. Sign up for an Xbox Live Silver account and get your Xbox connected to it.
  2. Install XNA Game Studio 3.0. This is the SDK that plugs into Visual Studio 2008. On the download page, click the "Get Key" button to get a 25-character product key for an XNA Creator's Club Trial Membership.
  3. Sign up for an XNA Creator's Club Trial Membership. Select the "Redeem Code" radio button and enter the product key you retrieved in step 2.
  4. Install XNA Game Studio Connect on your XBox. Click the "Download to Xbox 360" button. Reboot your Xbox and sign in to Xbox Live to force the download.
  5. Bring up XNA Game Studio Connect on the Xbox. You can find it under Game Marketplace -> Explore Game Content -> All Games -> Browse -> Title -> All. Scroll to the bottom of the list. 'A' button on XNA Creator's Club -> Play Now.
  6. When XNA Game Studio Connect launches, it will display a 25-character connection key. Use this key to configure the XNA Game Studio Device Center and test the connection, as follows:
  7. Open Visual Studio 2008. Select File -> New -> Project -> Visual C# -> XNA Game Studio 3.0 -> XBox 360 Game (3.0). A new project with some default code will be generated.
  8. Click the "Launch XNA Game Studio Device Center" button (the icon is a TV with an X on it) on the "XNA Game Studio 3.0 Device Management" toolbar. Click "Add Device" -> Xbox 360. Give it a friendly name and click Next. Enter the 25-digit connection key you retrieved in step 6.
  9. Press F5 or the green Start Debugging button to start debugging. Your TV screen should go solid blue; this is the sample code you just deployed.