Fall 2015 CSS490: Game Engine Development. Final Games

These are the final games we build during the last three weeks of class in Fall Quarter 2015, as ways to demonstrate the features of the GTCS game engine we have learned to build in this class.

NOTE: You should run the games using the Chrome web browser. Explore 11 does not support AudioContext and Mozilla Firefox (v 39.0) does not support GLSL shaders and thus will not allow the games to run.


Terry Rogers
Dexter Hu


Explore the ocean floor as a monkey scuba diver and look for bananas! Watch out for angry fish and collect oxygen bubbles at the very least if you want to survive. Just kidding, the game is actually infinite and you have to die eventually. But it is better to die with your pockets full of bananas, so get out there and go get some!

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Game Pitch and Screenshots:

Tyler Green
Steven Roberts

Cave Escape!

Escape the cave! How far can you get?

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Game Pitch

Team RainbowFish

Joey Guinasso
Herbert Traut
Caleb Larson

Flo Young

Lore & Story
Anh Pham

Audio Assets
Lake Ambience
Shark Chomp

Fishing Adventure:

Fishing Adventure is an action fishing simulator with an aesthetic reminiscent of some of your favorite oldschool arcade games. Players will take on the role of Old Man Rain Coat, a weathered but seasoned old fisherman who navigates the trecherous sea in search of the most exotic marine life. The deeper you go, the bigger game you'll catch, but watch out for the bloodthirsty sharks that lurk in the depths. See how far you can get in this addicting adventure that will leave you reeling for more!

Concept Pitch
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Brandan Haertel
Erick House

Art: Kenny Art
Audio: Open Game Art

Game Name: Adventures of Locke, The key Enthusiast

Help Locke find the key to the castle and free the princess!

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Game Pitch

Chad Dugie
Ryu Muthui
Michael Voght

The Typos

Just Another Space Shooter is exactly what the title says. The world has been destroyed by an extra terrestrial species. A traveler traversing space, looking for a new planet that is suitable for the last living earthlings to repopulate. During your travels you encounter a dangerous race, and a star fight breaks out!

The player is tasked with a mission to survive the attack by destroying the space station and the threats attacking him! Enemy ships drop power ups that the player can pick up to help in their mission. Be aware though, the Space Station and the enemy ships are not the only things to worry about!

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Game Pitch

Developers (PB&J)
Paul Kessler
Bartosz Dabkowski
Joscelyn Kim


Short Description:

TotemLight is a puzzle platformer where the player controls Lumi, the light spirit. Lumi needs to collect light sprites and activate totems to progress through the level to reach the final boss.

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Game Pitch

Team NoName

Jason Herold
Matt Lindquist
Matt Stewart


Music/Sound Effects

Team NoName

Cave escape is an action side-scrolling shooter where the player must survive a turret-infested cave. The objective of the game is to reach the end of the cave by going through four stages. Each stage is marked by a certain distance that the ship travels, and the player wins by making it to the end of the final stage and escaping the cave.

The player must make use of the ships weapons to destroy the turrets which endanger the ship from reaching its goal. Along the way, there are many powerups that the player can obtain to aid in the fight against the turrets. The player must be careful to navigate the cave and avoid crashing into any of the walls. The ship's light will help the player see in the darkness, but the light diminishes as the player takes damage and loses energy. The ship can be repaired and refueled by picking up certain powerups, and its weapons can be enhanced as well. Can you defeat the turrets and escape the cave?

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Game Pitch
Final Presentation

Developers (7-Alpha)
Keith McAfee
George Urick
David Watson

Artists (Keith's Roommates)
Jesse Mauk
Raymond Tien
Kevin Shively

Space Miner

Space Miner is shootin' based mining game where our lone hero is adrift in an asteroid belt, desperately trying to blow apart rocks to acquire the precious ore they need to return home, where they will build a gigantic loft for their lovely house made of purple crystals.

Along the way, they find that aliens have left explosive and homing missiles scattered throughout the asteroid field. Our hero will find this helpful in their quest to survive and sate their endless greed.

Players move through space and destroy asteroids to compete for a high score. As the player progresses, they can use their scan mode to detect which asteroids they most want to destroy. They may also find that after a time, the asteroid field becomes ever more dangerous.

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Game Pitch

Designer/Developers (Team JAM)
Jonathan Earl
Alan Nguyen
Michelle Yixuan Jin

Final Game Project:

Space Shooter 2015 is a modern take on the classic 2D side scrolling arcade shooting game genre. As space pirates, players sail through the depths of space to explore the different terrains and to look for galactic treasures. On their journey, they come across enemy pirate ships, and dangerous species from different planets. In order to survive, players must intelligently learn to fight, avoid, and gather power-ups in order to survive the hostile environment.

This game is action packed with guns, asteroids, explosions, and beautiful visual scenery. After beating the first level, players will be begging for more.

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First draft design
Final design

Casey Earl
Norell Tagle

Carrier Assault:

Carrier Assault is based off of a battleship-style game. You must control the aircraft carrier and its aircrafts to maneuver around land and sea and try to defeat enemy turrets.

Planes will spawn from the carrier every few seconds which you can then control with mouse clicks. The planes will locate its nearest target and start shooting automatically. Make sure you defeat all the enemy turrets before they defeat all your planes!

Game Pitch
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