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Date: Mon, 3 Jul 1995 07:16:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Hodge (
To: Geography Faculty (
Subject: Gunter and Tim win Allen Awards

As was announced in one of our last faculty meetings, Gunter and Tim won one of only 4 new Allen awards. Here is a copy of the announcement describing the competition and each of the winning proposals.


The Allen Endowment Advisory Committee recommended to Betty Bengtson, Director of University Libraries, that $30,000 of Endowment income be set aside for 1995-96 for a new program entitled Allen Endowment Innovation Awards. Information regarding Award competition guidelines was published in a previous issue of WON. There were 27 submissions for the competition. Four winners were selected and notified on June 2:

Paul Tobin, Director of Development, Meany Hall; Liz Fugate, Head of the Drama Library. The Merce Cunningham Project. To purchase Merce Cunningham film and video for the Libraries dance collections; to acquire and demonstrate the LifeForms software which supports choreography design, during a UW residency by Cunningham; to support a performance by the visiting Merce Cunningham company in the Allen Library. $9,000

Professor Gunter Krumme, Geography; Professor Tim Nyerges, Geography; Anne Zald, Odegaard Undergraduate Library. Electronic Library Resources for Upper-Division Undergraduate Geography Courses. To incorporate electronic library services into the curriculum for Geography 360, an introductory Geographic Information System (GIS) course. Students will work in groups to develop a homepage of Internet information resources describing social and economic conditions of counties in Washington State. Complements a National Science Foundation Project to Enhance Collaborative Learning and Critical Thinking in GIS Education. $8,349

Professor Blake Hannaford, Electrical Engineering; Dorothy Smith, Assistant Head, Engineering Library. Haptic Exploration of Databases. To extend Haptic exploration, (human sensory-motor activity associated with recognizing and classifying objects by feeling and manipulating them with the fingers) to interaction with bibliographic databases. (Traditionally haptic stimuli were provided for bibliographic searching by manipulating card catalog cards.) A new, electronic haptic interface for bibliographic searching will be designed and tested. $7,655

Professor Paul Remley, English; Helene Williams, Reference/English Studies Librarian. WTS: A Hypertext Interface to Early Western Literature. To complete and implement an online, comprehensive guide to post-classical and medieval literary works, other texts, manuscripts, and the full range of secondary scholarship on these sources, utilizing hypertextual links to facilitate ad hoc searching by both elementary and advanced users. $5,000

The grant period is July 1, 1995 through June 30, 1996. Awardees will be asked to make presentations to the Libraries staff at the conclusion of their work. If you have questions about these Awards, please contact Sarah Michalak or Betsy Wilson, Libraries Administration.

Congratulations to you both!

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