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    If you are a student in Geography 207, you may want to use this opportunity to get into the habit of keeping up with current economic and business events, more specifically with those events which relate to the class and to your project.
    If you cannot subscribe to the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York or London Times, Business Week or a similar national or foreign publication, make it a habit to seek them out in the Library or on the Internet (see Local & (Inter)national Media). Also follow the Business Sections of the local papers for an understanding of the links between local and global phenomena.

    Monitor the campus calendar & the (many) Geography bulletin boards and attend (free!) special events (e.g. lectures in the Business School or the Jackson School of International Studies, or Friday afternoon Geography colloquia, all of which include talks where you may get information about relevant events and developments in the "real world" (as well as recent research findings) in a more timely manner than is possible in regular classes. The University is more than the sum of its formal classroom courses, textbooks, grades and transcripts!

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