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The Journal of Commerce is a trade daily newspaper about the shipping industry. It runs articles about shipping and online commerce all the time, from articles about customs and EDI with shippers to supply line management to insurance and managing risk.

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  • Port of Seattle sees cruise ships as economic anchor Seattle Times, May 18, 2003. It's an amazing turnaround for a city that, despite being the birthplace of the modern cruise business ... was a backwater hampered by geography and a more than century-old law that prevents foreign-flagged, foreign-crewed and foreign-built ships from taking passengers directly from one U.S. port to another.

    Port's Hasbro is shipping out of Seattle: Layoffs expected with departure of top warehouse tenant Seattle PI, Tuesday, May 21, 2002 By MARNI LEFF

    The Port of Seattle's biggest warehouse tenant, Hasbro Inc., said yesterday it will no longer ship containers through the port. The departure of the Rhode Island toy company, known for Mr. Potato Head and Monopoly, is a major blow... and could jeopardize more than 100 local jobs,.. has shipped goods through the Port of Seattle for 33 years, would vacate more than 400,000 square feet of port-owned warehouse space.

    "It was our decision to consolidate our West Coast warehousing after a thorough and detailed review... to lower costs, boost efficiency and improve our customer service." ...once operated warehouses in six cities, including Seattle, plans to condense all of its operations into an Ontario, Calif., facility. Goods will be shipped ... mainly through the Port of Long Beach...

    Big hole in nation's defenses: our ports Seattle Times, October 28, 2001 By Susan Kelleher

    In Seattle, there are no escorts into the harbor, armed or unarmed. Unlike in L.A., other ship traffic is permitted while cruise vessels are arriving. Shipping "is a time-sensitive business," said Port spokesman Shultz, and "companies don't want (ships) sitting at anchor or at berth. If it's sitting there, it's not making money."

    Port Inks Hanjin to Long-Term Lease New Lease Amendment Means Larger Terminal, New Cranes and More Cargo Moving Through Seattle Gateway Port of Seattle, Press Release: March 27, 2001

    Hanjin Shipping Company, one of the Port of Seattle's largest customers for more than two decades, has signed a new lease amendment that will keep the shipping giant on Seattle's waterfront for up to 15 years longer and provides them with room to grow.

    Growing shippers, land squeeze put pressure on Port of Seattle Seattle Times, Wednesday, May 5, 1999; by Patrick Harrington

    Seattle Times business reporter When the giant ships of Hyundai Merchant Marine leave Seattle for the last time to begin calling at the Port of Tacoma next week, they will leave a big question in their wake: Can Seattle remain one of the country's major, economically viable ports? The answer may rest with another giant South Korean shipping...

    Shipshape: Puget Sound's ports of call; Seattle Times, Sunday, August 30, 1998 by Alex Fryer

    "In the past seven years, Seattle and Tacoma lost $2.2 billion of container cargo as Southern California invested in new terminals and rail lines aimed at getting cargo off ships and to destinations faster. But last fall, a combination of labor problems and rail congestion created chaos in Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif.; at one point, more than 40 ships were backed up in harbor. To avoid bottlenecks this summer, ocean carriers like APL began to reroute some of their Asian cargo to Seattle and Tacoma."

    "Congestion threatens area ports," (GTTLS Conference), By Bruce Johnson, Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, June 3, 1997

    "Sea change on the docks," Seattle Times, Sunday, May 11, 1997; by Stanley Holmes

    "For 60 years, Seattle's powerful Longshoremen's Union enjoyed handsome pay and iron-clad control of the docks. But the sweetest deal in the U.S. labor movement is coming to an end, as events beyond Elliott Bay redefine the waterfront."

    Want to buy a ship? [ (Korea)]

    Young Sun trading was established in 1994 just after the company manager came back to his hometown from New York. The company is engaging in trading business for ship related items since 1994. The manager finished MBA and CPA joint program in New York and worked a CPA firm in Manhattan in New York.

    Port of San Diego


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  • pp.40-45: "The Port of Seattle" (+ countless other reference to the Port of Seattle)

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