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Car Sharing Portland OR

"Car sharing is an innovative personal travel concept that saves money while reducing traffic congestion, parking problems and pollution. Car sharing is coming soon to the close-in neighborhoods of Southeast Portland."

Victoria Car Share Co-op

"Introducing a new idea from Germany, Switzerland, Quebec City and Montreal. Saves Money Saves resources. Protects the environment. Car Sharing: It Makes Sense!"

Car sharing in Vancouver communities

Convenient (A car when you need one) Low cost (A fraction of the cost of owning a car Pay only for when you drive it) Carefree (No maintenance; No servicing; No parking hassles Near to your home) Clean (Car Sharing reduces car dependance and use)

Car Sharing Links (Europe) [Stattauto - CarSharing AG, Berlin]

CarSharing Library & Resources

Car Sharing Holds the Road in Germany By Mary Williams Walsh, L.A. Times Staff Writer Thursday, July 23, 1998 []

Use of a vehicle by multiple households began as an idealistic endeavor, but these days it is maturing into a sophisticated, for-profit business.

Northwest outside the box with car-sharing solutions Seattle Times, December 28, 1999; by Neal R. Peirce/Syndicated columnist

"No one questions private vehicles' versatility and convenience, but there are some truths to face: Most of them sit parked 20 to 23 hours a day; many are idle from weekend to weekend. When our cars are driven, half to three-quarters of their seats are likely to roll around empty. And we rarely compute true per-mile costs."

Will public buy car-sharing? Seattle Times, Saturday, December 26, 1998, by Kery Murakami

Officials in Seattle and King County are about to launch car-sharing - an attempt to create an alternative to owning a car in some of the city's more congested areas.

Would time-share cars ever catch on here? Seattle Times, Monday, Nov. 17, 1997 by Peyton Whitely

"Time-share condos. Time-share boats. Time-share cars. If there's anything that seems alien to America's car culture, sharing a car might be it. But listen ... to Conrad Wagner, a Swiss businessman who's in the Seattle area talking with local transportation officials to sound out support for the idea. Wagner's been running car-sharing operations in Europe since 1988 and has the figures to show the potential. In Switzerland, more than 16,000 people are signed up to use 1,000 cars in a car-share fleet, from 800 locations.
Total European operations involve 40,000 members, using 3,000 cars at 700 (? 7,000?) locations".

Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 22:15:27 +0100
From: Lorenzo Martinoni / Dana Zumr 
Subject: carsharing

please take notice

the co-operative mobility is the largest known carsharing company

17'000 users
about 800 cars
in nearly 500 stations
all over switzerland

mobility was founded 1987 with 25 members and two cars

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