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"Cities want to be airline hubs. The theory, I guess, is that a certain number of passengers will miss their planes and spend nights in town, dining and dancing and spending money freely, shopping the next morning for washer-dryers, and, who knows station wagons, before winging on to their destinations. But regular travelers hate these wretched sprawling terminals, and eventually, by extension, the cities whose names they bear: Chicago, Atlanta ..."
(Charles Kuralt, A Life on the Road, 1990, p.245)

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Times Watch: Airport economy is in for a long, rough ride Seattle Times, November 18, 2001 By Stephen H. Dunphy

While the airport has seen reduced passenger traffic and fewer flights, it has been spared the worst of the airline downsizing. While traffic and cargo were down in September, the airport did not lose any airlines. Airlines cut the number of flights but not many destinations.

Air-freight carriers are living for tomorrow Seattle Times, August 26, 2001 By Stephen H. Dunphy

Airlines around the world are paying more attention to cargo as it becomes a larger part of their operations. The industry is expected to grow about 6 percent a year over the next 20 years with estimated annual revenues of more than $45 billion. While the long-term forecasts are good, the short term is a near disaster. Cargo traffic has dropped sharply this year, especially in high-tech equipment from Asia. And, express carriers _ FedEx, UPS, Airborne _ are seeing declines in their business for the first time.

Commentary: Takeoff is bumpy for airlines' new flight-booking Web site Seattle Times: Sunday, June 10, 2001 By Michael Shapiro

After more than a year on the runway, Orbitz, a big new travel-booking Web site backed by five major airlines, was launched last week but immediately battled technical glitches and slowdowns in its first days of operation. Owned by United, American, Delta, Continental and Northwest, Orbitz's operators say it scans up to 2 billion itineraries for each flight query and finds sale fares previously available only at individual airlines' Web sites. The site is

Instead of passengers, new airships will carry complete bridges, oil rigs Seatlle Times, June 04, 2000; by Paul Geitner The Associated Press

von Gablenz, chairman of CargoLifter, is convinced that the basic 19th-century airship technology - but using inert helium this time instead of flammable hydrogen - has a promising future in the 21st century....

Crowded night skies: Freight traffic soaring; Seattle Times, May 15, 1999, by Glen Johnson (AP)

"Skies that are already crowded in the daytime are becoming more so at night, when cargo jets make their mad dash to hubs like Memphis (Federal Express or "FedEx") or Louisville, Ky., (United Parcel Service)...The U.S. express-delivery business - as the time-guaranteed delivery of packages and documents is known - is roughly a $23 billion industry." FedEx expects the business to increase to $100 billion within 20 years. FedEx and other players such as UPS, Seattle-based Airborne Express and DHL expect even larger growth overseas, with the total marketplace perhaps reaching $250 billion by 2020.

Four U.S. airlines moving to create alliances resulting in two big carriers ; Seattle Times, Friday, April 24, 1998 by Frank Swoboda, The Washington Post

"Four of the nation's largest airlines are moving toward creation of two separate domestic alliances that would effectively consolidate the industry into a handful of dominant carriers. ... American Airlines and US Airways ... agreed on a broad new marketing relationship that will eventually treat their respective routes as a single airline. United Airlines and Delta Air Lines are expected to announce a similar alliance soon. Continental and Northwest Airlines announced a similar link earlier this year, sparking the new actions by their competitors...."


Some Airline Literature

Alperovich,-Gershon; Machnes,-Yaffa, The Role of Wealth in the Demand for International Air Travel, Journal-of-Transport-Economics-and-Policy. May 1994; 28(2): 163-73

Empirical studies of demand for air travel have consistently failed to employ variables representing consumers' wealth. To remedy this, the authors formulate and estimate an aggregated time series model of medium- to long-distance international air travel demand for Israel, which includes variables representing current income, financial assets and non-financial assets. Consumers' wealth is found to be a significant determinant of air travel.

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Advances in analysis of the hub location problem and its variants are reviewed. Opportunities for enhanced analysis and pressing areas for further work become apparent. Research should be devoted to developing more reliable heuristics for the multiple assignment model and additional research is needed to understand the conditions under which the model will tend to have integer solutions.

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Sets out the current position of European air transport and highlights institutional issues and physical problems impeding more efficient delivery of appropriate air transport services within the European Union. Examines the development of EU air transport policy. Identifies important challenges that confront European air transport if it is to continue playing a major role in EU development...

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...Later, carriers started selling tickets on the web to make use of the cheaper distribution channel than the standard computer reservation systems (CRSs). Today, Internet potentially permits carriers to get significant economic and competitive benefits beyond those simply coming from e-commerce.

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In this paper (nested) logit models that describe the combined access mode-airport-choice are estimated... From the estimation results, it is concluded that business travelers have a higher value of time than leisure travelers... In general, access time is of large importance in the competition between airports in a region.

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As a result of the attacks, we are beginning to see a significant reallocation of private and public expenditures away from investments that would have increased transportation capacity and raised productivity... shippers will face higher costs and fewer options, and some may be forced to redesign their just-in-time ... distribution systems. Air travelers are experiencing longer trip times and more inconveniences that, in turn, threaten to reduce demand for air travel.

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Airbus - Literature

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