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From Mon Apr 12 19:05:09 1999
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 15:53:34 EDT
From: Anne Ostberg 
Subject: community technology centers

The following request was posted to NPTalk late last week.  The group is
looking for information about community technology centers (CTCs) in 18
specific areas of the country.  CTCs are defined as organizations that
provide technology to individuals who would otherwise have no access to them
(low-income people, recent immigrants, etc.).  The focus appears to be on
giving people access to computers and computer training so they can develop
job skills.  A list of organizations who have paid for membership with a
network of CTCs can be found at 
The individuals posting the request last week are looking for efforts beyond
this list.

--Anne Ostberg 
Subject: Info Needed on Vocational Training at Community Tech Centers
From: "R. Turner" 
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 22:19:15 -0500

Hi NPTalkers,

An ad hoc coalition of folks concerned with community-based technology
centers is following through with the proposed FY 2000 U.S. Department of
Education budget which includes $65 million for community-based technology
centers. There have been some meetings with Congressional and Department of
Education staff members in the past week, and there is growing interest.

Now your help is needed in gathering more information on community-based
technology centers and projects that provide (or would like to provide)
vocational information technology training for adults and young adults,
please. There is a strong interest in identifying activity in the following
areas of the country:

1) Northern Virginia
2) Washington DC
3) Maryland suburbs
4) Chicago and suburbs
5) Deerfield, Waukegan, Arlington Heights (Illinois)
6) Columbia, Florence, N. Charlston (South Carolina)
7) Hanford, Fresno (California)
8) Brooklyn
9) Montana
10) Texas
11) Iowa
12) Wisconsin
13) Alaska
14) Pennsylvania
15) Washington state
16) New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut
17) Idaho
18) Hawaii

For each center, the following information is needed:

1) Contact information (center name, contact, adddress, phone,etc.)
2) The socio-economic make-up of the community served
3) The kind of vocational training currently being offered
4) How the center matches its training to real job skills and actual
employment opportunities
5) General level of involvement with and support by the private sector
6) How the center would use a grant of $75,000 to $300,000 to advance its
vocational training efforts.

Please respond by directly e-mailing:
Barry Forbes  or Ryan Turner

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