Economic Graphs (Value Theory)


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Supply Side (Producers' Choices)

Isoquant Diagram
  • A "Typical" Isoquant (Toronto)
  • Properties of Isoquants
  • Cobb Douglas Isoquants
  • Isoquant for fixed-proportion production function (Leontief-Type) | Once more!
  • Isoquant Diagram with Iso-Outlay (Cost) Lines Increasing, Constant & Decreasing Returns to Scale with Isoquants
    Total, Marginal & Average Product Curves Graph (Steve Hacket)
    Average Variable and Marginal Cost in Relation to Price and Output
    Optimization: Marginal Benefits = Marginal Costs Graph

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    [Move mouse over picture for second graph which includes iso-cost lines (in Netscape)]

    Demand Side in Spatial Economics

    CONCEPT Hoover (1985) OTHERS
    Market Area and the Demand Cone (Loesch) here,
    Price Determination by a Spatial Monopolist here,
    Market Areas of 4 Locations with Equal Production Costs and Equal Transfer Costs per Mile here,
    Market Areas of Two Sellers with Equal Transfer Costs per Mile but Different Levels of Production Costs here,
    Market Areas with Both Production Costs and Transfer Costs Unequal here,
    Surrounded Market Area Resulting from Characteristic Long-Haul Economies of Transfer/Distance here,
    Overlap of Market Areas Resulting from Bracketing of Transfer Rates here,
    An Example of Spatial Price Discrimination here,
    A Linear Demand Curve and Marginal Revenue here,
    Market Area Invasion with Freight Absorption here.

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    2. Production Theory


    Hoover, Edgar M. and Frank Giarratani, An Introduction to Regional Economics -- [Full online text of 3rd, 1985 edition]; Chapter 4 [Location Patterns Dominated by Dispersive Forces]

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