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Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 08:01:02 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
From: Richard Roth 
Subject: Re: Write Center

Just for everyone's information, here are the official UW guidelines for
a "W" course:

W-course criteria
A W course must require 10-15 pages of graded, out-of-class writing, in
the form of two or more short papers OR a longer paper with a required


Papers may be graded by professors, instructors, TAs, and/or readers.
Students should receive some feedback on their writing; that is, comments
on papers should not be restricted to content only.

Revisions do not count in the total number of pages of writing. Typical
writing assignments:

one 10-15 page paper with a required revision
two similar 5-page papers
two short book reviews and one longer paper

Take-home exams do not count toward the 10-15 page total, unless students
are given ample time for thoughtful writing and revision, and exams are
graded for writing (organization, clarity of expression) as well as

Creative writing and verse writing do not count toward the 10-15 page

Journals and annotated bibliographies do not count toward the 10-15 page

The amount of writing required for a W is not determined by the number of
credits assigned to the course. These criteria apply to all courses, even
those earning only one or two credits.

If the requirement is a major paper with an optional revision, the course
may be posted "Optional W Course." The instructor will indicate the
students who completed the W requirement on the grade sheet.
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