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Instructor's Name: GŁnter Krumme [Box 353550; Tel: 3-9089; E-mail krumme@u]

After you have completed this form, it will be collected by a class member who will send it to the UNIVERSITY ASSESSMENT CENTER. I will receive it only AFTER grades have been submitted and will use the results to assess content and procedures of this course as well as the benefits of educational communications technologies.

(a) Given the [200/300/400]-level and title of this class, were the content and degree of difficulty appropriate? Have you gained an improved understanding of the local/regional economy, the spatial facets of the economy, the locational behavior of people or firms and/or general economic processes as they affect some facets of your own past, present or future personal or professional life ?
(b) How would you evaluate the organization of the course: the quality of readings and assignments; the role of this course as part of your larger academic program; quality of course logistics [syllabus, access to readings, handouts]?

I did not fully understand the course organization till the end. The final write-up helped me connect all of the concepts. (350/2000/#3)

I thought that this class was extremely difficult with not enough explanation to do the projects. The course was organized very well and it did help me in many ways to learn important new things.(350/2000/#4)

I felt this was a challenging course and that the flow and tie-in from topic-to-topic was systematic and easy to follow. (350/2000/#5)

This was the most difficult class I've taken in this dept. by far, and I have taken a few 400-level courses. (350/2000/#6)

I have gained a better understanding of local/regional economic concepts.
This course was very organized and hard to not know what was going to come next. No surpises is good

Organization of this course was wonderful. The Website for 350 was outstanding & often much clearer than the professor. (350/2000/#11)

Content was minimal. I understand our region better as a whole, but not individual sectors. -- Quality of readings: too difficult to understand. -- Course logistics: Great! (350/2000/#12)

The contents of this class were appropriate for a 300-level class. I have gained an improved understanding of the local/regional economy. The organization was great, his websites were very helpful and his quality of work in the course is great. (350/2000/#13)

Some readings were not well connected to classwork and not discussed thoroughly enough to understand relevance. (350/2000/#15)

I think that the class filled the requirements of a 300-level class. The content and degree of difficulty were suitable for the topic and themes of the class. Very well organized class but an enormous amount of information. (350/2000/#16)

Project-related explanations are available in class, on the Web, by Email and during office hours. The class- and Web- explanations are highly integrated. If they do not suffice, you have an obligation to speak up and ask. I do not receive overly many Email inquiries and feel usually rather lonely during my office hours. Please change that! (gk)

I would recommend a Pre-Rec class for this course. I did not take any prior Geog. courses and I believe at least an intro to Economic Geog. would have been appropriate. (350/2000/#10)

Clarity of Website and professor: Website and in-class meetings have different functions. The Website has mainly basic conceptual, integrative (organizational) and resource functions. Class meetings in general aim for higher levels of learning and thinking and thus inevitably lead to uneven "intellectual happiness" among class members with varying backgrounds. However, I am aware of the need for utmost clarity and am striving continuously for such clarity.

It might have been better to have the lectures more organized. (350/2000/#14)


II. SELF-REFLECTIONS: Why had you signed up for this course? Were you well enough prepared for this course? If not why not? Were you able to attend classes regularly and spend the normal and expected amount of time (class time + 10 hours per week) for this class? If not why not? Did your motivation change during the quarter? If yes, how and why?

I signed up for this course because it was an economic geography course, an area in which I was interested. I was not prepared for the sort of course this was initially because this course was very different (from) related courses that (I have) taken, but I adapted to it. (350/2000/#1)

This course was taken because it goes along with my Economic Geog. focus. I attended regularly. I enjoyed the class and attending although as the theories and analyses started to pile up I kind of got lost and frustrated for a while. (350/2000/#5)

I think we were expected to do way too much self-learning and weren't prepared to do this. I'm not aware of anyone who had the time to keep up with everything and to figure out all this on their own. We have other classes and jobs, you know. (350/2000/#6)

Spent too much additional time having to learn how to create Web pages. (350/2000/#15)

Staying motivated and "with it" throughout the quarter is often a challenge. Seeing the instructor during times of frustration should be a plausible remedy. Try it before the state of frustration changes to a state of anger!(gk)

I wish I had taken the class that supposedly led into this one. I did not have enough base knowledge to comprehend the material well. (350/2000/#9)

I believe (that Geog.) 207 is plenty preparation for this course. (350/2000/#11)

I signed up for this class because I wanted to know about location. I was able to attend class regularly at the end, not at the beginning. (350/2000/#13)

I attend class every time, otherwise I would have gotten behind. (350/2000/#14)


III. TEACHING OF COURSE: (The instructor's content knowledge, specific abilities and suggested areas for improvement; style of presentation and interaction; organization of individual class meetings; ability to hold your attention and "make you think" at this (lunch) time of day; use of examples; willingness to help with problems and assignments; extent and usefulness of instructor's personal, written or E-mail comments on your work and assignments; fairness of grading and other evaluations)

On the whole, very good, although style was a bit rambling sometimes; perhaps too much information was being presented at one time. Excellent use of what examples could be used. (350/2000/#1)

Meeting only twice a week made it harder to pick up new concepts (350/2000/#3)

The instructor is very intellectual and as a result often speaks above the level of the students. The long lectures and the (lunch) time of day can be hard to maintain fous throughout. (350/2000/#5)

I liked the days when we worked through problems as groups or on the overhead. Sometimes, I would get lost during lectures, mainly because I was hungry though. (350/2000/#7)

Willingness to help with problems was great because it was more needed than in any class I have ever taken. (350/2000/#9)

Very easy to reach and help with assignments. It helped me (that we) worked on the homework in class. (350/2000/#10)

The instructor is often hard to follow and assumes that class knows a lot. Often homework was just given and does not get explained. (350/2000/#11)

His response to q's or comments via email is very fast and helpful. (350/2000/#13)

All good (350/2000/#15)

He was very willing to help and interested in students' learning process and interdependency. He is very knowledgeable and tried to assist as much as possible for better understanding of class materials and assignments. (350/2000/#17)

No doubt, the twice-per-week schedule requires more self-discipline than a daily class. The instructor's intent is to use electronic means to give the course a "daily" structure and presence yet save commuting and logistics time. However, you have to avail yourself to this electronic (daily) organization. (gk)

Be always sure you have eaten something before a two-hour lecture, especially at lunch time. I would be happy to invite you to pull out your sandwich except we would be violating the Collaboratory rules. Always remind me of the needed break, should I inadvertently go on for too long. (gk)

The instructor is very easy to communicate with, approach, and just plain talk to. (350/2000/#5)

You always have answers to our questions and emails and that is very helpful. Your willingness to interact and answer questions is good, unfortunately, I wasn't using it enough (350/2000/#7)

I prefer morning classes. (350/2000/#14)


IV. GUIDANCE ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR SPECIAL INTERESTS AND NEEDS: (Instructor's availability for advice and discussions outside of class; quality of teaching/ learning on one-to-one basis; sensitivity toward your special problems and interests; help with improving your study/learning/research skills; willingness and ability to respond to questions about your academic program and career plans; have you become a more motivated and independent learner? Did instructor help you in overcoming barriers to learning?

-- very willing to help and work with student needs. -- a great resource for everything, not just Geog. related stuff. (350/2000/#5)

Great. (350/2000/#9)

His one-to-one teaching was great. He is willing to spend much of his time one-one-one. Very helpful (350/2000/#13)

The professor's availability was the "best" of any other prof. which I have had, which helped! (350/2000/#14)

Yes, I will never forget when you laughed for me never using the library. It got me out and using the library though. If I only had more time and energy to use more of the resources that you presented me with. (350/2000/#7)


V. INDEPENDENT & COLLABORATIVE WORK: How successful and useful was the instructor's attempt to achieve a high degree of integration of your interests and class content? Did your understanding of the class content improve as a result of independent and collaborative work related to your interests? Did your 'independent' explorations of your interests become more meaningful as a result of the association with class content, the "class model" and the interests and backgrounds of others in the class?

integration of your interests and class content: excellent. I felt more liberated in this class since I was able to explore my interests in relation to economic geography (350/2000/#2)

I highly enjoyed the assignments. Since we needed a class focus, it made research a positive experience. The final was good since it helped wrap up all the concepts.(350/2000/#3)

I love how the students are able to apply the general concepts/theories to their own "focus" areas. Makes it easier to understand/learn when the "topic" interests the student. (350/2000/#5)

Great. (350/2000/#9)

Integrating my interests into the class material helped me to understand the material better. (350/2000/#14)

Best component of class (350/2000/#15)

Sometimes the questions were a bit tedious but overall, his attempts to force us to focus our attention on a particular interest was noble. (350/2000/#16)

More interaction with students needed (350/2000/#10)

More collaborative work. Hearing instructions from different point(s) of view is helpful (350/2000/#11)


VI. TECHNOLOGIES: How do you evaluate the instructor's attempt to provide an electronic environment for this class? Was there sufficient access to hardware, software, personal assistance? Was the emphasis on electronic resources appropriate? Was the emphasis on presenting assignments on the Web appropriate? Suggestions for change.

Could use more computers, more web training. Also, current web explanation could be improved (350/2000/#1)

I learned HTML from this class. Now I can't stop posting and creating Web pages. It was a good experience learning to post on the Web. This should be a must in the future. See others' work helped me solve problems in my own assignments. (350/2000/#3)

The electronic environment is better than any other I have experienced at this school. I have learned more about the Web, its resources and how to use them than at any other time in 4 years here. (350/2000/#4)

Love it -- we all used some basic email, HTML skills. (350/2000/#5)

He was very successful at making this course digital and PC-important! (350/2000/#8)

Wonderful. (350/2000/#9)

I liked learning about the Web. (350/2000/#14)

No -- not enough instruction on the webpage applications -- no link to why webpage relevant to course (350/2000/#15)

Our "Collaboratory" represents a compromise between a classroom without computers and one where every student has his/her own. The latter situation is not conducive to interaction, since the computers are in the way. -- The Web training has to be limited since there is class content to be covered. In addition to multiple step-by-step help pages, handouts and unlimited help made available after class... (by generous students, paid helpers and by me), what can I do? (gk)

Yes, I will connect this page more priminantly to the early class page [Why Should We Embrace the Internet in Economic Geography Classes?] (gk)


VII. COLLABORATION, OUTREACH & PEER TEACHING/LEARNING: I would very much like to hear some of your thoughts about the Outreach/ Sharing-your-Skills Component of this class. What have been the benefits or shortcomings of this component? How can it be improved? (Please answer even if you have not participated)

Collaboration with my peers gave me additional hope when I had trouble grasping topics. A group project should help this even more. (350/2000/#2)

In the collab is the best class room place. Sitting in groups gives the ease of helping each other with problems a push. Anthing from Web navigation to construction, to class assignment questions are much easier to tackle. (350/2000/#7)

I didn't participate, but I never really thought that it would be important because my classmates on my table would help me anyways.(350/2000/#8)

Great. (350/2000/#9)

Have people report on their specific outreach component (350/2000/#10)

Needs to be further focused. (350/2000/#15)

I think it is a great idea. It might be helpful to have a little more time in class to focus on students' project similarities, so it is easier to talk about it. (350/2000/#18)


VIII. How much has the use of the Internet helped you to achieve these objectives:

( 3 = extensively; 2 = moderately; 1 = hardly or not at all )

  1. ____ Provide a larger and more complete picture of Economic Geography which otherwise would have been lost in this short 10-week quarter.
  2. ____ Add diversity to the presentation of class content (in addition to the use of lectures, in-class discussions and hard-copy readings).
  3. ____ Facilitate and improve outside-class communication between instructor and students.
  4. ____ Reduce necessity for lengthy Q & A periods dealing with logistic matters thereby saving valuable class time.
  5. ____ Provide a small group or workshop atmosphere in this class of 50 students and encourage your participation where otherwise you may not participate.
  6. ____ Accommodate special needs and interests (i.e. create multiple and multi-level learning environments).
  7. ____ Integrate the teaching of a broader range of library- and internet related resource skills into the presentation of subject areas.
  8. ____ Provide opportunity to experiment with hypertextual or multi-media presentation of projects.
  9. ____ Encourage you to accept partial responsibility for your own education through active, electronically enhanced learning experiences.
  10. ____ Help you understand that learning is a continuous process and that you can access this class (and hopefully many other classes in the future) before and after you are officially "enrolled".
  11. ____ Promote collaboration and acquisition of useful teamwork skills.
  12. ____ Contribute -- e.g. through your group project -- not just to your own education but to that of your peers and to larger segments of society.
  13. ____ Enable you to organize your daily (home-job-campus) logistics more efficiently in time & space.
  14. ____ Enable you to expand and practice your computer communication skills.
  15. ____ Facilitate "boundary-spanning" communication and activities on campus and between class and community (for your research, volunteering & internships).


IX. Which of the following Web pages have been (more or less) useful to your learning environment in this class:

( 3 = very useful; 2 = moderately useful; 1 = hardly or not at all )
Results: (#3/#2/#1) (350/2000)

____ Alternative Textbook Page (5/7/6)
____ Assignment Guidelines (14/5/0)
____ Class Calendar (17/2/0)
____ Class Discussion (6/2/12)
____ Events - Economic News (2/6/10)
____ Front Page (Class Home Page) (15/1/3)
____ Glossary (15/4/0)

____ Member List & Group Pages (11/4/2)
____ Recycled (Old) Tests (3/9/6)
____ Resource Page(s) for your Area of Interest (9/7/3)
____ Template(s) (8/4/5)
____ VLab (Virtual Lab Guide & Tasks) (11/4/2)
____ Web Page of the Week (4/5/8)
____ Weekly Agendas (12/3/2)
Examples of Pages you would have liked to find in Krumme's Websystem, but did not:
  • Previous 350 class Web pages done by students (350/2000/#13)


X. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would very much appreciate all of your other suggestions and visions for this class and its different components, including the use of educational communication technologies. You may want to discuss the overall quality of your learning experience and the effectiveness of the class as a whole. Do you expect the materials covered to be useful for other classes or professionally? Do you have specific suggestions as to what you would like to see included in the course. To make space for additions or to reduce the overall amount of material covered what materials would you suggest to drop or reduce? Have the many challenges & frustrations related to access, communications and content taught you anything about real life?

(Please use space on the back of this page)

Thank you very much for this input and for all your other feedback and great ideas during the quarter (and do not hesitate to "drop by" next quarter to discuss the class, your contributions and your continuing interest in economic geography)!

If you cannot return this form via the class envelope, please mail it directly to the Educational Assessment Center, Box 35 58 37, UW Campus Mail. (453 Schmitz).

Should you have other thoughts, insights or suggestions after the quarter is over, and after you received your grade, please do NOT HESITATE to send them by Email. Alternatively, you could use this form the results of which are sent directly to me. Thanks a million and have a lot more great classes like this ;-).

Class was overshadowed by unmotivated students -- made it difficult for teacher to connect and keep topics of discussion moving -- not sure what can be done about that. Other than that, info w/be very useful in future. Greates frustration was the Webpage component (350/2000/#15)

I only wish that this was not my last quarter at UW because I would like to study under Prof. Krumme again. A very unique, friendly, interesting teacher who challenges his students to think and apply themselves. (350/2000/#16)

Again -- I think the use of the internet is great! My mom, who teaches high school, was so impressed with the online materials that she wants me to build a site for her classes. Thanks -- I really enjoyed the class. (350/2000/#18)

If this [i.e. the webpage component] is a continued requirement should be noted in course description. (350/2000/#15)

* Comments in italics are direct quotes from past student responses; all others are combined summary statements

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