Geog 207 / Post Mortem


End-of-Spring Greetings! Geography 207 is officially behind us. Yet, to be faithful to our basic tenets, learning is continuous and, as you are well aware, we have barely "scratched the surface" in these past, much too short ten weeks. Thus, is there life after 207?

First of all, those of you unhappy with your course grade, contact me, find out what happened, challenge the grade, ask for a reexamination, whatever... (In 2002, this would have to be in the Fall, since I am (physically) not around during the Summer)

Second, PLEASE, do NOT come during the (too hectic) first week of Fall Quarter to collect your finals... unless it is urgent. During the second week (and thereafter), tell me when you want to come by E-mail (Office Hours). I would like to discuss your portfolio with you and get your suggestions for 207's future. You may also ask for a break-down (composition) of your grade by E-mail if you do not have the time to drop by personally.

Third, I am sure you are aware what a unique Web effort you accomplished collectively and individually during this past quarter. Thus, I hope you keep working on your site and keep it connected. If you leave the "U" soon, I hope you take your site to a new provider and let me know your new address so that you can stay connected. If that is not possible, you may want to consider giving me permission to transfer your 207 project into a special subdirectory in econgeog. Remember, you are a life-long member of the 207-club....

Fourth, should you be interested in making use of your present and future HTML skills for volunteer- and non-profit purposes, let me know. Professors, students, the Seattle Community Network and many community organizations are needing help at all skill levels for creating new and maintaining old Web sites. If you want to get 499 (directed research) or 496 (intership) credit for the academic dimensions of such volunteer work, let's discuss it...

Some pro-domo propaganda: Consider following up your 207 ideas in the much smaller Geography 350 (Local Economic Analysis, Fall 2002, T/Th, 4:30-6:45; AND Geography 450 (Location Theories, Fall 2002, T/Th, 12:30-2:20, or Geography 498 (Undergraduate Workshop in Internet Geography, T, Time to be determined, Winter 2003). Other geography and recommended economics classes (such as, at the 200 and 300 levels, Geog 277, 349, 367, 370; Econ 200, 201, 300, 301) and general information about our geography program and the Geography Department you will find here!

See you around, drop by & have a good Summer.
GŁnter Krumme

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