Personal Introduction


Before you get involved in this first class assignment, be sure you have studied your class Web page (including learning objectives & evaluation):
  1. Class Syllabus & Outline

  1. Learning Objectives for this class

This course, its content and its assignments & tasks are about information, communication and collaboration. Thus, we need to know a bit about each other, our backgrounds, academic interests, skills, professional plans, preferred learning environments and, last not least, the plans & expectations we individually have for this class.

In your "introduction" please address some of these points: (without writing anything with which you do not feel comfortable; of course, you also have the option to send me an additional personal Email with confidential information).

  1. Discuss how the "learning objectives" for this class suit your own learning objectives and your academic plans.

  2. Briefly describe your past educational experiences, especially those in Geography, Economics, Business, Planning, Sociology, Political Science, etc..) and make some "wild but educated guesses" as to how these experiences may relate to the learning objectives and content of this class.

  3. If appropriate, share some of your past and present "real-world" experiences with your peers: jobs, internships, volunteer activities, service-learning arrangements, possibly your own business adventures, computer-related activities, academic travel etc. and speculate as to how they might relate to economic and business geography.

  4. What are your expectations for this class? (What are you intending to get out of this class, and what are you able and willing to contribute?)

  5. What are your expectations of me as the instructor and facilitator of this course? (try to answer this in the context of your understanding of the syllabus, other online-materials for this class, the way you perceive the learning environment of this class, as well as your own preferred learning modes)
  1. What are your interests which you might or intend to pursue in the context of this class? If you are unsure about the general content of this class, please consult the text(s) and course materials available on the Web.

  2. What are your areas of strength: (e.g. writing, note-taking, class participation, theoretical thinking, upper-level geography content, microeconomics, etc.)

  3. Please identify expected class-related areas or facets which are new to you or which you want to improve on during this quarter. Do not hesitate to give the impression that you have looked at the content of this class before signing up or now before writing this introduction.

  4. Any skills (e.g. HTML, Powerpoint, Excel, GIS etc.) or community contacts which you would be willing to share with your peers in the class.

  5. If, at this point, you still have not reached the required length (100-300 words!) for this first writing assignment of the class, please share your early impressions of the readings (text book etc.) for this class!
  1. Finally, your peers would like to know whether there are any reasons why you may not be able to attend this class regularly (or arrive on time and stay until the end of the class). Since this is a relatively small class, any missed or interrupted class meeting creates "negative externalities" for the entire class.

Length: 100-300 words)
This introduction is due: Please see Class Calendar! (submit via discussion form [password needed]); please expand or adjust your statement later to become the introduction to your portfolio!


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