Economic & Business Geography

Evaluation and Grading Policy

mainly for Geography 207 (for 350 & 450, see also syllabi)


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Grades in this 5-credit course will be determined as follows:

  1. Roughly half (50%) on the basis of learning outcomes related to course content as presented and discussed in class and readings; and
  2. the other half on the basis of independent and collaborative learning outcomes as determined by "projects" and/or "exercises" described in the class syllabus and other handouts and Web postings.

Grade adjustments will be made on the basis of unexcused absences from regular class meetings (proportional deductions) unless it can be shown that the specific, missed class content has been documented and learned through some other means. Bonuses can be earned answering Bonus questions in written examinations, by helping fellow students in the class (improving understanding through peer teaching) and by other means (to be determined).

Since assignments and projects are related to concurrent class content, and are dependent on sequential individual or collaborative work and feedback from instructor, they can receive credit only if they are accomplished under the prescribed conditions. Some assignments may count 1/2 if they are handed in within a week of due-date. Keep instructor and your group members informed about any extraordinary circumstances which prevent you from fulfilling your responsibilities.

Krumme's Grade Conversion Table

Official Numerical Grades
(0-4 Scale)
Letter Grades
Performance Attributes & Values
99% + 4.0 A Superior: Unusually successful, at times original work marked by outstanding critical judgment and understanding.
97+98% 3.9 A
95+96% 3.8 A-
93+94% 3.7 A-
91+92% 3.6 A-
89+90% 3.5 A/B
87+88% 3.4 B+
85+86% 3.3 B+
83+84% 3.2 B+
81+82% 3.1 B
79+80% 3.0 B Solid, dependable work representing a good basic grasp of the materials and a serious attempt to understand and place them in(to) a larger context.
77+78% 2.9 B
75+76% 2.8 B-
73+74% 2.7 B-
71+72% 2.6 B-
69+70% 2.5 B/C
67+68% 2.4 C+
65+66% 2.3 C+
63+64% 2.2 C+
61+62% 2.1 C
59+60% 2.0* C This is a passing grade for this course, but based on an undistinguished performance in terms of learning effort, content and quality
57+58% 1.9 C
55+56% 1.8 C-
53+54% 1.7 C-
40% 1.0 D
33+34% 0.7 D-
0-32% 0.0 E+F

*Courses with grades lower than 2.0 will not count toward the requirements for the geography major.

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