Social Science Citation Index

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          Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 10:56:39 -0800 (PST)
          From: Anne Zald 
          Subject: SSCI now available in a computer searchable format
The Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), a major research tool providing access to articles in more than 1700 social sciences journals representing 60 disciplines, plus selective coverage of the social science articles published in 3200 science journals, is now available in a computer searchable format in the UW Libraries. SSCI is available on locally networked workstations within the UW Libraries. Suzzallo Reference is one location where you can access this vast research tool. At this time, dates of coverage are 1981-1993. The electronic version of SSCI allows you to search for articles by author, title and subject keywords. In addition, you can display and search the bibliographic references used by the author (cited reference searching). The SSCI interface also allows you to display articles that have one or more bibliographic citation in common. This is a tremendous improvement in access over the print volumes we have relied on previously, both in search techniques possible and in reduced eyestrain (those of you familiar with SSCI in print will recall that it uses a very small typeface). I hope to see many of you using this in the future. Feel free to contact me with questions about the SSCI, or other library resources.

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