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For the purposes of this class, a consultant is someone who assembles information, creates a knowledge base and provides professional advise relating to a problem of an individual, group or organization on a volunteer basis or for remuneration.

In as much as consultants help clients to overcome or respond to uncertainty, the distinction between two important functions of consultants is pertinent:

  1. Consultants may help forecast uncertain futures.
  2. Consultants provide information about existing facets of the client's environment, information which is hidden to the client and difficult and costly to access without a consultant's expertise.

During my 30+ years of teaching economic geography I have seen many employment ads for cartographers or GIS specialists, one (1) employment ad for a 'geographer', none for an 'economic geographer'. Economic Geographers are not employed under that label. Our economic geography graduates are hired as all kinds of specialists, including as urban or regional "economists", marketing or location analysts, researchers of rural health care systems, urban, regional or transportation planners, foreign trade or marketing specialists, and, believe or not, as teachers in the K-12 school or junior college system. For better or worse, in the absence of "economic geography" jobs, I will suggest that almost all of our graduates are hired as "consultants" on the basis of the particular packages of skills and knowledge acquired in part while they were here. In this department, we feel strongly that we have a responsibility to assist you in gaining knowledge, critical thinking and analytical skills as well as to "package" this knowledge and these skills in ways which make them useful in life and professional occupations.

Your project in this class (Geography 207) squarely aims at such "packaging" need. Thus you are asked to "project", "plan", write a "proposal" or develop a "strategy" for applying your various fields of knowledge and sets of (past, present and future) skills.... Since we happen to be in an Economic Geography class, let us find applications which allow us to group our skills and competencies around economic-geographic themes.

Thus, you may want to make use of your emerging background in economic geography (possibly in combination with some of your other planned or already acquired skills (? GIS, computer programming, nursing, education, engineering, ...??) to become a "consultant": There are location-, site-selection-, marketing-, transportation-, plant-closing, lay-off or downsizing consultants, tele-commuting consultants, employment consultants, household-relocation consultants, public relations consultants, consultants helping non-profit organizations find funding sources and write grant proposals, consultants for finding educational scholarships, business opportunities, tourist or travel destinations or health care services for the mobility-handicapped. Professional services of this kind are growing rapidly for a variety of reasons which we will discuss in class. Many of these reasons relate to the rapidly expanding and changing roles of information and information services in the economy. Some of these services are highly (but not entirely) footloose, others depend on close proximity to population agglomerations or other specialized and localized economic activities. The resulting locational and employment changes are highly interdependent with changes in the way in which economic activities are organized. For example, many companies are increasingly "externalizing" many information-related services, i.e. are subcontracting such services to often very small consulting firms or even individual consultants.

The skill of packaging our own emerging consulting intentions includes an ability to monitor the macro-scene, i.e. the labor market and employment patterns in your chosen field, capital markets, and the domestic economy at large and international economic relations. Clearly, our local consulting job may involve explicitly international consulting activities or may be indirectly intertwined with the global economy.


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  • Consultants Directory (IEDN) [] A listing of economic development consultants, including their contact information, agency background and expertise, examples of previous projects, and their unique perspective on economic development tools. Select one of the areas of specialization below to view IEDN consultants....

  • Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce's Consultant Database. Did you know that we update this information every business day? This makes it the most up-to-date directory of consultants in the Northwest. Project Preview. Send us your projects!
    The firms listed in the DJC Consultant Database are those that responded to our survey. If you wish to list your firm here, fill out our survey form. Be sure your firm is not already listed by searching for it below. You can then update your information by clicking on the update button.

  • Management Consulting Online ||
    • Is Conculting the Right Field for you?
    • Ideas That Drive the Consulting Business The true measure of success of a consulting firm is its ability to help clients solve difficult problems....often this happens because consultants bring the right ideas to bear on a company's problems. Consulting is unique in the field of business because it is driven by ideas.
    • BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS THROUGH REFERRALS; by Harvey Bergholz, President, Jeslen Corporation For the Independent Consultant, or small group, the magic growth elixir is the referral. You grow through solicitation, I ... through referrals..."
    • Consulting Salaries "Starting salaries in consulting positions with a bachelor's degree after bonus (analyst position) range from $30,000 to $50,000. Starting salaries with an MBA degree range after bonus (associate position) range from $40,000 to $125,000. These salaries vary with firms and with the region of the country you are in. The national salary level reported by Money in 1992 was $82,309."

Examples of Consulting Firms and Activities:

  • Need a Consultant? [Consulting on Consulting]
    The Expert Marketplace provides a large portfolio of FREE services to enable you to quickly find a high quality consulting firm and to better understand your consulting needs. Description of services: Large network of pre-qualified consulting firms and free consultant database of over 200,000 other consulting firms. Free access to business case studies and business improvementarticles. The leading resource for identifying high quality consulting firms to meet your organization's needs. Selecting a consulting firm is a critical business decision which can have significant implications for your organization's success. The Expert Marketplace makes it possible for you to better understand your consulting needs and to easily identify and evaluate high quality consulting firms.

  • McCallum Sweeney Consulting, Inc. advises and assists companies in site selection, strategy formation, negotiation, and economic development. Partners Ed McCallum and Mark Sweeney offer 35 years of combined experience, having performed location consulting services for many of the world.

  • ECONorthwest
    is the Northwest's largest and most respected economic consulting firm. From our offices in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, we work for private- and public-sector clients throughout the U.S., with an emphasis on the West and Pacific Northwest. Since 1974, we have completed more than 1,000 projects in economics, finance, planning, and policy evaluation.

  • Jupiter Research "... helps companies develop, extend and integrate business strategies across online and emerging channels. Backed by proprietary data, Jupiter's industry-specific analysis, competitive insight and strategic advice give businesses the tools they need to exploit new technologies and business processes..."

  • NexGenix: What is Next in E-Relationships Services? .... enables "online businesses to build meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers by harnessing the power of Web technology to surround each customer with custom-tailored information, responsive communications and individualized incentives. Founded in 1990, the company today boasts more than 500 consultants in 18 offices worldwide."

  • The Wadley-Donovan Group (WDG) [Edison, NJ] "comprises the global site selection arm of Grubb & Ellis. For more than a quarter century, WDG has been devoted exclusively to serving the needs of locationally active corporations."

  • FANTUS CONSULTING HOME PAGE; "Deloitte & Touche LLP Fantus Consulting is the premier consulting practice specializing in helping companies and communities use location to their advantage...Fantus Consulting is the oldest and largest consulting practice specializing in corporate site selection and economic development consulting."

  • Thompson Associates Inc. Since its founding by John S. Thompson in 1959, Thompson Associates has become the nation's leader in retail market research and the largest firm of its kind in the United States. The company's remarkable growth stems from its ability to consistently provide clients with the information they need to make successful location, marketing, merchandising, and operational decisions.
  • (Location Search, Evaluation & Selection) LOCATION STRATEGY and FACILITIES STRATEGY and PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION; Fantus translates business strategy and strategic vision into a location selection process which ensures that the location and facility selected will support your organizational goals, now and in the future.
  • Geographic Information Systems Deloitte & Touche incorporates the functionality of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into a wide variety of real estate services. GIS is a powerful computer-based tool that interprets and analyzes spatial data for strategic market development planning, site and trade area evaluation, corporate relocation and economic development consulting, real estate portfolio analysis, appraisal, hospitality market analysis, warehouse/distribution market analysis, and environmental analysis.
    • Corporate Relocation
    • Market Screening
    • Evaluating a Portfolio or Locating Opportunities for Investment
    • Survey of the Competition

  • Banton Research: Spatial Applications ["Complex Problems, Spatial Solutions"] Banton Research is a new and different information products and services company specializing in the emerging field of Spatial Economics. Spatial Economics is the study of various types of market information with sophisticated digital mapping, or Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Banton Research is not a traditional GIS vendor. In that we develop primarily for the private sector, our projects must be profitable for us and for our clients.

    Marshall & Associates, Olympia, WA [GIS Consultants: "To leverage our clients' key business processes using geospatial technology"]

  • Pacific Northwest Environmental Consultants [List]
  • RH2 Engineering Comprised of engineers, planners, and scientists, accommodate public agency and private clients by providing high-quality, tailored services ranging from project conceptualization to construction management and administration.
    .. committed to producing innovative, cost-effective, environmentally sensitive and regulatory consistent solutions. ... three offices in Washington State, located in Bothell, Port Orchard, and East Wenatchee. These locations allow us to serve much of Western and North Central Washington.

  • Triad Associates [Kirkland, WA] "Most of Triad's jobs are private site development projects including large single-family, multi-family and commercial developments (See the PROJECTS section of our website)."

  • Professional Options, Bremerton (WA)
    Formed in 1995 by a group of professionals with extensive worldwide experience of strategic management, information systems and the corporate world, Professional Options was created with the idea of providing a milieu of options to the businesses and professionals looking to establish their ventures or refine an existing one. Since that time, we have branched into environmental publishing [The Guardian]; conferences & events planning; marketing and advertising; free web resources; and computer consulting, web hosting and design ...

  • ALLIANCE FOR CONVERGING TECHNOLOGIES "The Alliance for Converging Technologies is an international consulting, research, and education organization with a focus on competitive advantage in the digital economy."

  • Fluor Daniel Consulting "... offers a broad range of services and capabilities to assist clients in developing business strategy, selecting facility locations, and promoting economic development. A key differentiator between Fluor Daniel Consulting and other consulting companies is our ability to follow through after the planning and evaluation process and actually implement all elements of the business strategy."

  • Consulting and Forecasting in Macro- and Regional Economics [Bill Goffe's Site]

  • LSM Consulting [Corporate Relocation]

  • GeoPartners Research Inc. "provides business strategy consulting and investment advisory services. Our consulting clients are primarily worldwide Fortune 50 firms who are involved in creatively shaping the futures of their own businesses and business sectors. We partner closely with our clients, in order to promote our clients' success and impact, and to build long term capabilities within their firms."

  • Kepner-Tregoe has earned a worldwide reputation for improving business results through people. With a focus on the human side of change, our firm helps organizations find innovative ways to integrate the human resource with the organization's strategy, its structure and systems, and the processes by which goals are accomplished.

  • A small firm for strategic Internet consulting and project integration "Creative Insite can help you maximize your return on investment in your Web site by developing a comprehensive strategy that includes marketing your site, using the Internet to build your brand identity, and integrating the Internet into your business environment."

  • Marwin Internet Consulting (Switzerland) Wir stellen Ihnen im Detail vor, welche Möglichkeiten Sie haben, Ihre Firma auf dem Internet zu präsentieren: 1.Internet Lite - die Möglichkeit Internetluft zu schnuppern! 2.Internet Professional - Ihr professioneller Auftritt auf dem Internet! 3.Mail Service - elektronische Post, in allen Variationen! 4.Web Publishing - wir kreieren Ihre Homepage! 5.Diverses - alles was Sie sonst noch wünschen!
  • The Brighton Group "is a locally (Bellevue, Wash.) owned and managed consulting firm specializing in career and organizational transition services. We have provided distinctive, highly customized consulting services to a broad range of clients in the Pacific Northwest for more than eight years. As a partner in OI, The Brighton Group can manage projects across 80 U.S. and 104 international offices."
  • Parametrix Inc. Kirkland, WA 98033 Parametrix is an environmental engineering and architectural company that is headquartered in the Puget Sound region. The firm provides services in five main technical disciplines: transportation, water/wastewater, environmental sciences, waste management, and architecture.


    The project described in Section 3 above was carefully designed to mesh with previous and on-going work performed by Parametrix (PMX) and Portland State University (PSU) during the RI/FS, risk assessment, and sediment transport phases of the slough restoration program. The table below outlines specific points of connection between keys OGI work products (as identified by task number) and activities of PMX or PSU.

  • Triangle Associates [Seattle]
    is a consulting firm of professionals committed to helping people understand and resolve public policy issues and environmental conflicts. Triangle provides an array of public involvement, facilitation, planning, and mediation services to public agencies, businesses, and communities.

    • John Paling & Co, Inc Conquering Risks & Building Resiliency: We work with meeting planners and executives who want a National Geographic quality expert who brings the lessons from nature to teach proven strategies on how to succeed with change.

      The "Paling Perspective Scale" was devised as a simple communications tool to help the public put all the reports of risk to their lives into perspective. Since it was first introduced, this scale has proved to be remarkably versatile and easy to understand. Businesses, agencies, health professionals and the media all use it to compare and under-stand the real levels of different risks; and non-technical people can use it to make better decisions based on facts rather than on emotions.

    • National Decision Systems [Marketing Consulting + Software]
    • GartnerGroup "... provides you with cutting-edge advice and targeted insights to support competitive decision making across the IT spectrum. Our unparalleled expertise supports you with research, analysis, consulting, measurement, decision evaluation, and product and vendor selection."
    • BEST Consulting || Career Opportunities "As your strategic partner for the information age, BEST Consulting offers experience in a broad range of technologies, products, and processes to support Internet/intranet, mainframe, mid-range, and client/server systems, as well as opportunities to form business alliances with industry leaders in information technology."
    • The Alliance for Converging Technologies is an international consulting, research, and education organization with a focus on competitive advantage in the digital economy.
    • Management Consulting Resources [Ohio State University]
    • Company teaches owner-builders how to construct their own homes, Seattle Times, Saturday, November 14, 1998, by Kerry Webster "... he runs a Kirkland-based company called U Build It, which specializes in helping owner-builders run their own construction projects. There are perhaps a dozen companies like it across the country, part of an emerging category called "construction consultants."

    Geographic Information Systems:


    • List of (Tele-)Communications Consulting Firms [Geography, Aachen] [] (5/99)

    • TeleGeography, Inc. (TGI) "is an independent publisher and distributor of reports on two aspects of telegeography: international telecommunications and the ownership of the global information economy. Customized mapping and consulting services are also available from TGI upon request."

    • Global Telematics [Seattle] A policy research and consulting firm established in 1986 that approaches opportunities and problems in individual, organizational, and community performance from a technology implementation perspective that encompasses both information and communications (telematics) as well as transportation (physical movement). We do analysis, design, planning, presentations, and training for government agencies, regional planning organizations, non-profits, telecommunications companies, start-ups, and many others.

    • List of Telecommunications and Information Systems Consultancies

    • Corvus Consulting: Network Design & Telecommunications

    • Peter Keen's IT Home Page ["The Site for information and advice on all aspects of linking business and information technology."]

    • Shelley Taylor & Associates
      "is a management consulting and research publishing firm established in 1989. As an international company with offices in the United States and United Kingdom, we offer service and advice to companies in North America, Europe and Asia. Our approach - integral management - is based on using the multi-stakeholder model of a company as a framework for developing strategy, policies, products and services. Operating on the premise that each part of an organism contains the blueprint of the whole, we look at the way in which each business activity reflects the mission, vision and values of the organization."

    Transport Consulting:

    • SH&E: International Air Transport Consultancy SH&E commands a world-wide presence with offices throughout the United States and Europe providing professional services and products that include:
      Airline & Airport Marketing, Strategic and Tactical Planning, Route Planning, Privatization, Alliances, Aviation Safety and Operations, Information Services & Systems, Legal and Regulatory Issues, Financial Services, Asset Management, Operations, Cargo, Passenger Surveys, Aircraft Manufacturing, Aircraft Brokerage, Aircraft Interior Management.

      Office Locations: New York; Cambridge, Mass; Washington D.C.; London; Amsterdam

    • Mirai Associates, Inc 19110 Bothell Way NE, Ste. 202 Bothell, WA 98011
    • David Simmonds Consultancy (UK)
      ....specialises in impact analysis and forecasting applied to urban, regional and transport planning. The firm was set up in 1990 and has carried out a wide variety of studies for both public and private sector clients in the UK and abroad. These have ranged from brief reviews of particular subjects or methods to major projects in forecasting and impact assessment. They have focused in particular on the relationships between transport and urban or regional change.

    • The MVA Group MVA is an international consultancy, market leader in transport planning, social and market research, transportation software and related information services for both private and public sector organisations around the world.

    International Consulting:

    • IA Business Services LLC, are specialists in finding solutions to the problems mentioned, as an organization conceived and structured specifically for cross-border operations.
    • The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies: WIIW Consulting WIIW Consulting helps clients assess economic trends and prospects, search for new business opportunities and reduce uncertainty in entering these increasingly important emerging (Eastern European) markets
    • The Old Landfill Site (R Anderson Environmental Consultants Ltd 1996), also Geog Prof at York University.
    • EVS Consulting [Vancouver B.C.]
      "Consulting firm specializing in environmental sciences. Areas of expertise include: ecotoxicology/toxicity testing; environmental impact and risk assessment; natural resource damage assessment; coastal zone management; microbiology and bioremediation; sediment management; water and wastewater quality; monitoring programs; environmental management and planning; criteria development; training." .... "EVS is a small environmental consulting firm. We currently have an opening for an entry- to mid-level GIS/Environmental Analyst to support our other scientists. We have full PC ArcInfo and ArcView implemented and this person would join two other GIS staff. The person would be primarily responsible for using ArcView to create data presentations and interpretations. We are an EOE with major offices in Seattle (where the position is) and Vancouver, B.C., with project offices in Oakland, CA, New York, and in southeast Asia, and have been around since 1974. I believe this position will provide substantial growth opportunities for an interest, creative person.

    Specific Countries or Regions:

    • Consulting in Russia and the NISs?

    • Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd.- PERC Rooms 1603-1604 Hollywood Centre 233 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong] Political & Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd., (is) a consulting firm specializing in strategic business information and analysis for companies doing business in the countries in East and Southeast Asia. As part of our services, PERC produces risk reports on the individual countries of Asia on a quarterly basis.

      Uncertainties and Risks in Hong Kong's 1997 Transition to China By Robert Broadfoot, APER Volume III, Number 1

    • China:
      • China Resources
      • Asia Access International Business Group is a China Business Consulting Firm based in Vancouver, Canada. The company also participates in other businesses in China.
      • China Consultancy Center the first China consulting website which integrates China's most powerful domestic consulting group with talent from the World's most prestigious consulting firms. Where do you want to go in China today?
      • Roundtable Group: China Consulting
        a division within the company devoted solely to consulting in China and the Far East. The Group, which contains over 100 Scholars from dozens of universities and think tanks both in the United States and Asia, focuses on helping businesses grow into and do business in the lucrative, but changing markets of the modern Orient.
      • China Longinfo Company
        We establish this consulting company to help the people, --who want to know more about china and chinese; --who want to tour in china; --who want to start their business in china; --who have some touble in china; --who need help in china;
        We have long experience in tourism, trading, law and other area. You will get professional service with very little cost. you can save your money and your time with our help.
    • Japan:
      • High Technology Management [Japan Business Administration and Marketing Support Services]
        Since 1987, High Technology Management has provided comprehensive, back office solutions to companies in Japan. Managing the complex workings of the Japanese business environment is HTM make yours easier; to free you up to focus on serving your customers.

    Freelancing & Elancing:

      "... a global online bidding marketplace for services. Thanks to, buyers and sellers from around the world are now able to efficiently and conveniently trade services and enter into transactions with each other."

    • Have Laptop, Will Upload for Dinner NYT, November 30, 1999; By DAVID LEONHARDT
      ....began trolling the Internet for work. That is how he discovered eLance, a jobs bazaar ( where freelancers can list their skills and search for work. And though he named a price that was more than 50 percent above what a New York employer wanted to pay, he landed an assignment.







    • Women In Networking Generating Success (WINGS)
      WINGS is a women's networking group dedicated to supporting our members in soaring to greater heights in their chosen professions. As models and educators for one another, our mission is to generate success through referrals for business growth and opportunties to market and promote each other's businesses...


    Consult yourself before becoming a consultant Seattle PI, Monday, July 1, 2002; By DAVE MURPHY, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE There are all sorts of businesses you could start, of course, but being a consultant has become particularly popular for people in information technology, human resources and a variety of service industries... management consulting is a $130 billion industry -- and growing rapidly. (Institute of Management Consultants -- Workshop [Management Consulting: Dream Job or Worst Nightmare?]

    Job Market: Taking the leap to consulting work Seattle Times, Sunday, August 05, 2001 By Joyce M. Rosenberg

    ... many executives or managers start thinking about what's next. Many consider becoming a consultant. It sounds great about your field of expertise. But consultants will tell you it's more complicated from a small-business viewpoint.

    Andersen Family Feud [ZDNet; April 24, 1998]

    Study shows benefits of proposed Kirkland trail Seattle Times, October 20, 1998 by Peyton Whitely

    A proposed trail in Kirkland along existing railroad tracks could attract as many as 2 million users a year, cost from $700,000 to $2 million a mile to build and generally would benefit homeowners, according to a city study. [....] The analysis of trail issues was prepared by Parametrix, a city consulting firm, and is based in part on surveys of more than a dozen trail systems nationwide. Among major issues considered in the study were safety, privacy and property values.

    Newsletter: Consulting in Asia, Seattle Times (Business), February 11, 1999 by Stephen Dunphy

    "Pity the poor consultants who try to advise clients on events in Asia these days. It is a confusing situation, different in each country, with little in the way of clear guideposts. At least Robert Broadfoot, a Hong Kong-based consultant, admits there are a number of ways the situation in Asia could go."

    Working connections: Here's a checklist to make sure consultants deliver; Seattle Times, February 8, 1999, by Daneen Skube Special to The Seattle Times

    "...-- Tell the consultants honestly about the problems you want them to solve. If you hide these problems to save face, the consultant won't have the information to help you.
    Tell the consultants honestly about the problems you want them to solve. If you hide these problems to save face, the consultant won't have the information to help you.
    ... if the consultant can't or won't do the job you want, they have a chance to refer you to someone else.
    Is there a match between what you need and what the consultant has to offer? Even within the same discipline, consultants have different skills.
    Beware of kitchen-sink consultants. A consultant who does it all, does none of it well.

    Business people give some free guidance to minority enterprises; Seattle Times, Business News: Monday, December 23, 1996

    Most days, David Hoppe is an events marketing manager in Renton. But when he visits Thompson's Point of View Restaurant, laptop computer tucked under his arm, he wears the hat of a volunteer consultant in a University of Washington-led program to help bolster the bottom lines of minority-owned businesses in the Rainier Valley and Central Area.

    Copy centers become offices [Kinko's, others are turning into places where people can go to do business], Seattle Times, December 02, 1996 By Stanley Holmes

    On a recent Friday morning, Mary Jo Gordon and Martin Shreeves share a desktop computer at Kinko's Copy Center on Capitol Hill. The two home-based marketing consultants - laid off by the same Redmond-based medical-devices company within the last year - are examining a flier they are producing for their client, the Red Cross. For Gordon and Shreeves, Kinko's and other copy centers are their virtual office. Copy centers, with their vast range of services, have been one of the keys to the consultants' quick and successful rebound from the harsh realities of corporate America, they say.


    Baark, E. Engineering consultancy: An assessment of IT-enabled international delivery of services. Technology-Analysis-and-Strategic-Management. 1999; 11(1): 55-74
    The delivery of engineering consultancy services in global markets has been dominated by a small group of firms... Like many other service industries, engineering consultants have depended on the movement of highly qualified people and establishment of local affiliates for rendering their services in overseas markets. However, the diffusion of new information technology (IT) ... have changed the patterns of production and delivery of engineering design services....

    Baerthoin Antal, Ariane; Krebsbach-Gnath, Camilla: Consultants as Agents of Organizantional Learning: The Importance of Marginality. Berlin 1998.

    Block, Peter. Flawless consulting : a guide to getting your expertise used. Austin, Tex. : Learning Concepts ; San Diego, Calif. : Distributed by University Associates, 1981. Bibliography: p. 211. Business-consultants. [Business Admin General Stacks: HD69.C6 B57 1981]

    Bryson, J.R., "Spreading the Message: Management Consultants and the Shaping of Economic Geographies in Time and Space," in: Bryson, John R., et al., eds., Knowledge, space, economy. London ; New York : Routledge, 2000, Chapter 10, pp.157ff. [Suzzallo/Allen Stacks HF1025 .K567 2000]

    Burke-Lisa-A. Bandick-Marcy-Abelson. How to select a consultant. Training-and-Development. Dec, 1997. v51(n12). p50(2).

    "Trainers who need to hire a consultant should makes sure that the chosen consultant is appropriate for the particular project. The first thing that trainers should do is to determine the project functions that they can take care of themselves and those that require the services of a consultant."

    Daniels, Peter W.; Dinteren van, J.H.J.; Monnoyer, M.C.: Consultancy services and the urban hierarchy in Western Europe. In: Environment and Planning A, 24 (1992), pp. 1731-1748.

    Firminger, Lyn, small business consultant.(Profiles). Women-and-Work. April, 1995. v16(n1). p10(2).

    Employment programs are focusing on providing women with the means of self-employment by starting their own small business.

    Golembiewski, Robert T., ed.,"> Handbook of Organizational Consultation, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded. New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc. Series Volume: 81 (2000) [HD69 C6 H363 2000/Suzz] [Part of the Public Administration and Public Policy series]

    Harding, Charles. "Quantifying Abstract Factors in Facility-Location Decisions," Industrial Development (now Site Selection) 1988 (May/June), pp.24-27.

    John-Lauren. Boon or Boondoggle (site location consultant market). CFO-The-Magazine-for-Senior-Financial-Executives. Oct, 1997, v13(n10). p28(1).

    "The market for site location consultants is booming. US companies with plans to spend for new expanded site... the need for these consultants to serve as their negotiators for incentives from state economic development groups. Six big accounting firms profited from the trend, one of which is Deloitte & Touche LLP, which acquired Fantus, the oldest and largest location consulting firm in the US."

    Jones, K. and J.Simmons, The Retail Environment. Ch.l: "Why Study Retail Location?", pp.lff.; Ch.10: "Site Selection," pp.317ff.; Ch.12: Choosing a Location Strategy, pp.378ff.

    Keeble, David and Peter Wood, "Entrepreneurship and Flexibility in Business Services: The Rise of Small Management Consultancy and Market Research Firms in the UK," in: Kevin Caley et al., Small Enterprise Development Policy and Practice in Motion. 1992.

    Kepner & Tregoe, The Rational Manager. Kepner and Tregoe are management consultants who have developed decision-making strategies which have been extensively applied to location decision and site-selection processes. Ch.10 ("Decision Analysis") gives an overview of these decision-making rules.

    Larson, Paul; Karl Vesper and Maury Forman. The Washington Entrepreneur's Guide. 2nd edition. Missoula, Mt: Universdity Press, 1997.

    McLellan, A.G., The Consultant Geographer: Private Practice and Geography. Dept. of Geography, University of Waterloo, Publication Series No.43, 1995. [G65.M35] [On Reserve for Geog.207, Winter Quarter 1999]

    • Chapter 1
      • Consulting: Its implications
      • Personal Introduction
      • Consulting Activity: The Debate
      • Government Funding: Stick or Carrot
      • Institutional Confusion
      • Focus on Consulting
      • Should Academics Do Consulting? - Facing The Dilemma
    • Chapter 2
      • Geographers and Consulting
      • The Health of Geography
      • The Role of Professional Associations
      • Jobs in Geography
      • Becoming Consultant Geographers
    • Chapter 3
      • Geography and the Content of the Game
      • New Landscapes or Old
      • The Environmental Revolution
      • The Three-Dimensional Geographer
    • Chapter 4
      • Developing The 3-D Geographer
      • Planning and Consulting
      • Planners, Clients and Lawyers
      • The Expert Witness
      • The Geographer as Consultant
    • Chapter 5
      • Consulting Practice Case Studies 1960s - 1990s
      • A Prospector in the United Kingdom
      • Land Use Conflicts in North America
      • California: A Multiple Resource Conflict
      • Designing Places to Live and Work
    • Chapter 6
      • Academic Geographers and Consulting Activity
      • Defining Consulting Activity
      • Who Does Consulting'?
      • When is Consulting Activity Performed'?
      • Financial Remuneration
    • Chapter 7
      • Landscapes, Society and Geography: A Final Word
      • Redesigning Landscapes
      • LULUs and NIMBY
      • Incentives and Motives
      • Packaging and Labelling
      • Integrity and the Geographical Future

    Reimus, Byron, Knowledge Sharing in Management Consulting Firms.

    Stephan Schiffman, "The Consultant's Handbook: How to Start & Develop your own Practice." Bob Adams Publishers, 1988. (or many other guides, handbooks and manuals available in bookstores and libraries).

    Site Selection (with "Industrial Development Section: A Geo-Economic Review") the professional journal for Location-, Industrial Real-Estate- and Development Consultants is published six times a year by the Conway Data Inc. Atlanta. (see shelves in Business Library, Balmer Hall)

    Wood, Peter, University College London, London, UK, "The rise of consultancy and the prospect for regions" European Regional Science Congress, Vienna 1998.

    The strategic role of knowledge - intensive services for the transmission and application of technical and management innovation Coordinator: Dr. Peter Wood, Department of Geography, University College London, 26 Bedford Way, Tel. +44 171 387 7050 x5510 London WC1 0AP, U.K. Fax +44 171 380 7565 e-mail:

    This thematic network will bring together organisations from nine member states of the EU to undertake a collaborative exchange of understanding about the contribution of knowledge-intensive service consultancies to the commercial competitiveness and growth of client organizations in different sectors, types and sizes of firm, and core and peripheral regions.

    Wood, Peter, Business services, the management of change and regional development in the UK: a corporate client perspective Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers: Contents of Volume 21 Issue 4 [Full Text PDF]

  • The expansion of business services in the UK since 1981 is reviewed in relation to general patterns of corporate management control. The results of a survey of strategic expertise exchange between consultancies and managers of major companies are presented. Consultancies are employed most by large, growing, decentralized service corporations in southern England and by those already experienced in change management. The reasons for the employment of different types of consultancy in corporate change are also examined. Clients emphasize their control over consultancies but are also increasingly dependent on them. Consultancy growth marks a developing social division of 'elite' management labour which has significance for rates of economic restructuring and the continuing focusing of control functions in southern England.

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