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Maxwell,-D.G. Highest and best use? Access to urban land for semi-subsistence food production. Land-Use-Policy. 1996. 13/3, 181-195. "Pressures on urban policy-makers in Africa to formalize land tenure and land delivery systems are mounting, while at the same time there is increased demand for informal access to urban land for subsistence production and low-cost housing." (Kampala, Uganda)

Mlozi,-M.R.S. Urban agriculture in Dar es Salaam: its contribution to solving the economic crisis and the damage it does to the environment. Development-Southern-Africa. 1996. 13/1, 47-65. "This article discusses urban agriculture in the city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and how it helps people to cope with the country's economic crisis."
May,-J. & Rogerson,-C.-M. Poverty and sustainable cities in South Africa: the role of urban cultivation. Habitat-International. 1995. 19(2), pp 165-181. Urban agriculture is increasingly seen as a major means of supplementing incomes in the cities of South Africa.
Mbiba,-B. Classification and description of urban agriculture in Harare. Development-Southern-Africa. 1995. 12(1), pp 75-86. "This article sets out to discover: who are urban cultivators; what is official policy on urban agriculture and how the cultivators regard this policy; whether urban agriculture is a temporary adjustment activity to conditions in the city by recent rural-urban migrants; the motives, practices and problems of the cultivators, and who participates in and makes decisions on the activity at household level."
Drakakis-Smith,-D. & Bowyer-Bower,-T. & Tevera,-D. Urban poverty and urban agriculture: an overview of the linkages in Harare. Habitat-International. 1995. 19(2), pp 183-193. "The urban poor throughout most of Africa have experienced increasing difficulties over recent years as a result of the imposition of structural adjustment programmes. One of the main coping mechanisms has been increased self-help in satisfying basic household needs. Food is one of these basic needs and urban agriculture, both legal and illegal, has grown as a consequence of the difficult economic climate."
Memon,-P.-A. & Lee-Smith,-D. Urban agriculture in Kenya. Canadian-Journal-of-African-Studies. 1993. 27(1), pp 25-42. "This article is an analysis of the characteristics of urban agriculture in Kenya set within a wider conceptual and socio- economic context and is based on a recent survey by the Mazingira Institute."
Rogerson,-C.-M. Urban agriculture in South Africa: scope, issues and potential. AF: Univ. of the Witwatersrand, Dept. of Geography, Private Bag 3, Wits 2050, Johannesburg, South Africa. SO: GeoJournal. 1993. 30(1), pp 21-28. Examines the present state of urban agriculture in South Africa and analyses its potential for poverty alleviation."
Rogerson,-C.-M. Urban agriculture in South Africa: policy issues from the international experience. Development-Southern-Africa. 1993. 10(1), pp 33-44. Recently, an increase has been observed in the practices of urban food gardening and the cultivation of vacant land on the peripheries of South Africa's metropolitan areas. In this paper it is argued that urban agriculture represents an issue of considerable importance for South African policy makers.
Kironde,-J.-M.-L. Received concepts and theories of African urbanisation and management strategies: the struggle continues. Urban-Studies. 1992. 29(8), pp 1277-1291. "It is argued in this paper that concepts related to urban sanitation, water supply, urban agriculture, urban transport and aspects of housing supply need to be redefined to reflect local circumstances."
Streiffeler,-F. Improving food security through urban agriculture in Africa: a social perspective. Bayreuther-Geowissenschaftliche-Arbeiten. 1991. 15, pp 267-273. LA: English "The analysis is based firstly on observations of a research project designed to improve urban agriculture in Kisangani (Zaire) and secondly on a survey of a representative sample of 426 households at Kisangani, formerly named Stanleyville."
A future employment trend - the urban farmer. ANON, Spore. 1991. 33, pp 1-4. "The principal aim of urban agriculture is the provision of fresh produce for city markets. These days one possible option for victims of the African economic crisis can be market gardening."

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Deng, Francis M., War of Visions: Conflict of Identity in the Sudan. Washington D.C.: Brookings, 1995 (U.S.$ 24.95 paper) ISBN 0-8157-1794-6. [Abstract in JEL June 1996, p.939]


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Armstrong, Jill. Uganda's AIDS Crisis: Its Implications for Development. Discussion Papers, No.298. Washington D.C.: World Bank 1995 (US$ 8.95 paper) ISBN 0-8213-3437-9 [Abstract in JEL June 1996, p.907]

Author:       Kasozi, A. B. K. (Abdu Basajjabaka Kawalya), 1942-.
Title:        The social origins of violence in Uganda : 1964-1985 / A.B.K.
              Kasozi ; with the assistance and collaboration of Nakanyike
              Musisi and James Mukooza Sejjengo.
Pub. Info.:   Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, 1995.
Notes:        Includes bibliographical references and index.
Other Author: Musisi, Nakanyike.
              Sejjengo, James Mukooza, 1954-.
                [HN794.Z9 V5 1995/Suz]


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