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Rural Development - US Dept. of Agriculture

Transitions: New Incentives for Rural Communities by Karyn Moscowitz and Randal O'Toole | Thoreau Institute

"Many Western communities have grown to depend on timber sales, mining, and grazing on federal lands. Controversies over the subsidies and environmental problems associated with commodity production have led federal managers to reduce timber and grazing production. Some communities are looking at recreation as an alternate economic base."

Rural America, formerly Rural Development Perspectives (PDF Archives) [US Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service]

No Back Roads: A Documentarry

In the summer of 1997, the "No Back Roads" team -- Jim Heid (that's me), Maryellen Kelly, and Trixie -- drove from California to New England and then back again. Our goal: to research and document how the Internet and World Wide Web are influencing rural America...

Rural Development and Universal Access [International Telecommunications Union]

Brief description of ITU 's Buenos Aires Action Plan Programme Nos. 9 & 12 (Valetta Action Plan Programme 3)
Most of the populations of developing countries live in rural and often isolated areas. This is also where most of the resources are located. Access to information and telecommunications is essential for development of such areas but is still inadequate or non-existing.

USDA Rural Development Assistance

USDA coordinates Federal assistance to rural areas in attempts to help rural Americans to improve the quality of their lives.

CTCNet/Civil Rights Forum MIRA Project [Rural Projects in Kentucky, Nevada, and Virginia Awarded CTCNet/Civil Rights Grants for Communications Policy Projects]

The Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet) and the Civil Rights Forum on Communications Policy have announced that three rural projects have been awarded grants ranging from $3,000 to 4,000 from their collaborative Communications Policy Project.

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Rural Development Perspective (online journal, Economic Research Service, Dept. of Agriculture)

Beyers & Lindahl, "Lone Eagles and High Fliers in Rural Producer Services." by William B. Beyers and David P. Lindahl. "Producer service firms are growing rapidly in rural areas. Included in this expansion are "Lone Eagles" export-oriented sole proprietors and "High Fliers" export-oriented companies with at least one employee. Interviews with 240 rural producer service firms located in a diverse sample of rural counties show that about 40 percent of the businesses are Lone Eagles or High Fliers." Rural Development Perspectives (Now: Rural America) 11(3), 1997 [also access to pdf file]

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Capalbo, Susan M., Innovations in the Delivery of Health Care Services to Rural Communities: Telemedicine and Limited-Service Hospitals Rural America, 14(3), Oct. 1999

Over the last decade, changes in health care policy, demographics, and technology have presented new opportunities for delivering medical care in rural areas. Telemedicine and limited-service hospitals are two innovations currently used to strengthen the likelihood of continued health care in rural communities.

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Kansas, Federal Reserve Bank,

"Economic Forces Shaping the Rural Heartland is an extremely valuable source of critical thinking, data and information for those interested in a 12-state region that includes seven states served by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. The Bank is to be applauded for providing the initiative and leadership for this easy-to-read volume, and for selecting such well known authorities for each of the six chapters contained in the monograph." [includes chapter by Beyers]
Reviewed by Sam Cordes, Professor of Agricultural Economics and Director of the Center for Rural Community Revitalization at the University of Nebraska

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Wallace, George. Using Microenterprise Programs in the Rural United States Rural America 15(1), Feb. 2000.

Microenterprise programs have received a great deal of attention in the United States in recent years as the number and scope of such programs have grown. Unlike most government programs aimed at existing businesses, these programs are frequently directed at the chronically unemployed, poor single parents, and welfare recipients.

Wardwell, John M. "Revitalization of Rural America: Patterns and Consequences of Nonmetropolitan and Rural Growth," Ch.III in Hicks, Donald and N.J.Glickman, eds., Transition to the 21st Century: Prospects and Polcies for Economic and Urban-Regional Transformation. JAI Press, Greenwich, Conn. 1983. (HT123 T67 1983, Main)

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