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  • Regional Anti-Growth Initiative Will Boost Neither the Economy, Nor the Lifestyles, of Coloradans By Carl Raschke (University of Denver) For Immediate Release April 24, 1997 "As the 1990s head to a close, many Coloradans continue to be ambivalent about statewide land development economic growth in much the same fashion as small town city fathers used to worry about the proliferation of pool halls. In their hearts they know economic growth is of the devil, but their heads remind them that the devil's business is necessary to keep the burgeoning populace prosperous and the "kids" occupied and out of trouble..."

    At the service of the regions: Why is regional policy necessary? [] [10/02]

    The European Union is one of the most prosperous economic areas in the world but the disparities between its Member States are striking, even more so if we look at the EU's various 250 regions.


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    ... change is the only true constant in society. If it accomplishes nothing else, change keeps our lives interesting. The lack of change would not only be exceedingly boring, it would also put scholars and scientists out of work. Change gives science a purpose. For the at the heart of all science is the fundamental objective of explaining change. In economics and the social sciences, the task is to explain and understanding a society that is constantly changing.

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    For almost two decades, the analysis of local and regional development processes has been a central topic of research at the Institute for Urban and Regional Studies (IIR) of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. At the beginning, the reorientation from centralized state regional planning - "top down" - to decentralized regional development policy - "bottom up" - stood in the foreground (Stoehr/Taylor, 1981). During the course of the 1980s, research interests shifted toward an integrated analysis of local and regional development processes (Muegge/Stoehr, 1987) and then finally to the analysis of case studies of local development initiatives (Stoehr, 1990a). With this final approach, local actors are the focal point of research, as they were also in Andreas Novy's dissertation at IIR (Novy, 1994).

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    The following types of regions and areas are eligible for regional development aid: regions whose development is lagging behind (Objective 1); areas seriously affected by industrial decline (Objective 2); rural areas (Objective 5b); thinly populated areas (Objective 6).

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    "In a thorough assessment of the strategies, tools, and requirements for stimulating economic growth and metropolitan development, the most eminent scholars in the field discuss ... economic development. They review producer services, suburban business centers, enterprise zones, technology-based ventures, and industrial incubators... Is there a nationwide venture capital network? What are the locational requirements of firms in high-growth industries? What are the consequences of failed growth?"

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    Harvey ARMSTRONG, BA Sheffield, MSc London School of Economics, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Economics Department, The Management School, Lancaster University, UK

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