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Soccer group seeks Redmond-owned farmland preserve, Seattle Times Feb.7, 1999, by Brier Dudley

"A youth soccer group has its eye on a site for several playfields - Sammamish Valley farmland owned by the city of Redmond. So far, there has been little opposition, even though the proposal comes amid a furious tug-of-war between sports and farmland-preservation groups, each wanting the last flat fields in the growing metropolitan area."

South Lake Union changing, Commons or no Commons , Seattle Times, May 16, 1996 by Barbara A. Serrano

With or without the Seattle Commons, South Lake Union is evolving into a more white-collar, upscale neighborhood. Ten construction projects are under way or awaiting final approval - and none hinges on whether voters approve the Commons on Tuesday.


Urban Parks (Bibliography) [Project for Public Spaces, Inc.]

Garvin, Alexander; Gayle Berens; and Christopher Leinberger. Urban Parks and Open Space, 1997.

"Produced by the Urban Land Institute in cooperation with the Trust for Public Land, this new book offers practical, cost-effective strategies for creating urban parks and open spaces...the 225-page book describes how successful park and open space projects contribute to a community's economy and quality of life."

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