Organizational Alliances and Business Networks


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Internet Sites:  Using partnerships to change the rules of the game or the rules of the game [KPMG-Paper; Section 1 Forces of change in partnerships; Section 2 Case study - Cisco Systems]

Partnerships and alliances used to be a last resort for managers unable to develop core competencies in-house....

In the Flagships' Wake: Strategic Alliances Ben Cecil & Milford Green (Western Ontario)

"... this web page provide(s) a visual and textual representation of the pattern of Strategic Alliances among the firms of the Information Technology sector. The information ... is based on the top 120 "high tech" firms (based on their connectivity to other network partners)."

CORPORATE ALLIANCES SUFFERING FROM POOR GOVERNANCE: Andersen Consulting Findings Indicate Neglectful Management as Alliances Multiply

"NEW YORK, June 17, 1998 -- Corporate alliances, which can range from informal co-marketing agreements and cooperative research and development projects to joint ventures involving significant equity stakes by its partners, have become a staple of global business strategy. New Andersen Consulting research, however, reveals a widespread lack of sound management practices being applied to those alliances. The study found that 51 percent of alliances have no formal performance measures or targets..."


Four U.S. airlines moving to create alliances resulting in two big carriers ; Seattle Times, Friday, April 24, 1998 by Frank Swoboda, The Washington Post

"Four of the nation's largest airlines are moving toward creation of two separate domestic alliances that would effectively consolidate the industry into a handful of dominant carriers. ... American Airlines and US Airways ... agreed on a broad new marketing relationship that will eventually treat their respective routes as a single airline. United Airlines and Delta Air Lines are expected to announce a similar alliance soon. Continental and Northwest Airlines announced a similar link earlier this year, sparking the new actions by their competitors...."


Corporate Alliances:

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Bagchi-Sen, Sharmistha. The role of R&D alliances in innovation [Science, Technology and Innovation Program, Harvard University] [Author: Department of Geography, State University of New York-Buffalo Buffalo, New York]

"Recent studies of the organization of innovation acknowledge alliances as one of the major mechanisms of knowledge transfer and product development in high technology industries, especially the biotechnology industry. Geographers enrich the above argument by showing that regional clusters of high technology industries provide firms with a competitive advantage to secure partners with complementary assets necessary to enhance innovation compared to their counterparts located elsewhere."

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Corporate Networks:

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Other Networks:

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