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Urbanisation is the most significant all India phenomena of our times. The city has today become an engine of growth, the main job provider. Twenty nine per cent of the people of the country generate 60% of the GDP. However, our cities remain ill-prepared to address the problems of poverty....
There is unabated official and social hostility towards the informal sector, even though the formal sector has ceased to grow, having reached saturation point. As the cost of creating jobs in the informal sector is very low, it needs to be integrated into the context of the overall macro-economy. However, we must first remove the obstacles in the way of the informal sector

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The menace and appeal of Algeria's parallel economy.        
                AU: Harrold,-D.
                SO: Middle-East-Report. 1995. 192, pp 18-22.
                PY: 1995
                LA: English
                AB: Policies of centralized economic control and extremely
                     uneven liberalization have contributed to the
                     development of a large informal economy in Algeria,
                     licit and illicit, linked to the formal economy but
                     evading state accounting. Because of the gravity and
                     intensity of the Islamist challenge, an undeground
                     economy that may contribute to its domestic funding
                     considered a menace simply because it is concealed.
                DE: developing-country

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