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OECD Future Studies [Publications]

The OECD Future Studies Information Base

Books, papers and articles claiming to provide the key to understanding the 21st century are proliferating as the millennium approaches. The OECD Future Studies Information Base provides details on a selection of this material considered most pertinent for policy analysts and decision makers. Thousands of published and unpublished sources in over a dozen languages are scanned to find those studies offering the most significant data and projections, fresh insights or innovative approaches to the long term issues facing the public and private sectors."

OECD (Paris), OECD ECONOMIC OUTLOOK 63, April 1998 (updated)

The Economics Department prepares projections for major macroeconomic variables, such as output, employment, prices and current balances over the next two years. The current macroeconomic and structural policy needs of each Member Country are analysed in depth. The following is an extract; to order the complete publication, click on Order Form.



OECD, Paris. The World in 2020: Towards a New Global Age, November 1997. OECD Code 031997081P1; ISBN 92-64-15627-5 Language English; Medium Paperback

"We stand on the threshold of a New Global Age. All countries now have the potential to become active players in the global economy. By 2020 there could be dramatic shifts in global economic weight. What will the world economy look like in 2020?"

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