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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 19:38:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: "M. Vo" 
To: Gunter Krumme 
Subject: Re: your mail

Hi Dr Krumme,

T & Th from 11:30-2 is not a good time for me at all.  I have class and
work at that time.

However, I am free before that.  Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-11:20am.
If possible, I will take that time or I have afternoon time available as
well...well, I do not have my schedule with me right now...and I will be
busy till Friday if you need to look at other hours, I will
have to post my schedule up for you to look at this friday.

Also, just to let you know, I have worked on the "step by step" page for
signing up a Saul account and 'public_html', I have gotten almost half way
on that.  I am now busy working on finishing up my CSE143 homework for
Thurdsay morning and study for the exam on Friday so I may not get back to
work until Friday afternoon.  

Thanks for the notice,


On Tue, 21 Apr 1998, Gunter Krumme wrote:

> To: "Duc M. Vo" , "Duc M. Vo" 
> cc: Eugene W Martin 
> Subject: Drop-in Lab-help
> Duc:
> 	We have received the go-ahead for scheduling a weekly one-hour
> drop-in lab in our (Smith 415) "Collaboratory" for UNIX and Internet
> assistance for students and faculty. Gene Martin (graduate student in the
> Geography Dept.) will be in charge of this event. I have promised your
> assistance. It might be good for the two of you to correspond directly and
> figure out some time for the first week.  We need to determine the time to
> advertize it well in advance. I will try to be there as well. Gene thought
> that one hour on either T or Th some time between 11:30 and 2 might a good
> time. Do you have an hour (plus some time before and after)  free in this
> time frame? Please let us know. 
> 	It probably would also be a good idea for you to do some of your
> other work in the Collaboratory so that you can get familiar with the
> computers there.
> 						Gunter
>           Gunter Krumme, Tel.(206)543-9089; Fax: 543-3313; 

Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 00:22:29 -0400 From: UW-School Materials To: Subject: Web E-mail Form name=Duc Vo subject=Updated... priority=1*Very-Important&PROMT-REPLY message= Hi Dr. Krumme, This is Duc. I am writing to you using a new script I just created. This is my first letters to you to let you know that we have a new of communication if you choose to use it. I have work quite some time on it. Both on and off work hours. It is not finish to what I want it but this is a good start. Please go check out my Update page and find the link's to get to this E-Mail Me page to try sending an e-mail to me using this form I wrote. Also, bookmark that page too so you can have quick acces to it. If you have any questions or comment abou this please let me know because I want to know what/how you think of this idea. It's midnight now (I had worked for you and on this since 6:30pm). I wish you a great weekend and hope to hear from you about this soon. Thanks. DVo. P.S.: What do you think about the "Priority" section? I said Important and need Promt Reply, but you choose which ever suits your message content.

Updated on 3/31/98 at 8pm
Dr. Krumme,

How was your break? I had a very relaxing one. It's so nice to have a break link that. I am sure you are excited to hear from me again. Well, here's the update.

I have spent 15 hours working for you. I spent a lot of that time looking over your "Entry Page" (which?). I must say that you have done a really great job at gathering all the sources. The one main thing I found overwhelming about your pages is that it contains too many links!

Please give me one or two specific examples!"

I found that very distracting from my reading. Another thing is that I feel there is a lack of explaination for a link or brife info to each page(giving the surfer an idea of what the content of the page is).

In general, I see your point. I am beginning to do that at various places. However, please give me one or two good examples where you felt the lack of explanation was particularly disturbing!"

Also there is a lack of page discription (Letting the surfer know what page they had just enter and what the content of the page will be). I spent the other hours working on clearifying the pages. And also page content and consistancies is not there.

Again, one or two examples would be helpful. We cannot change all pages. But I can consider it in the future!"

P.S: If you look to the far-right hand side of your name you would see the date and time I update this info onto my account. I suggest you do the same so we can keep track of what we did and when.

Updated 3/12/98 at 4AM
  • Now that I think about it...we need to fix your content of each page and uniforming your entire web server.
  • For example: Make all the page identical for all your Geography 207 and a bit different for Geography 349, and so on.

    Geography 349 is NOT my class! --- Yes, some more uniformity is useful. However, most of my pages apply to all of my classes. The entry pages for each of my classes are similar, but have different colors. All (or most) of my other pages will be uniform in the sense that they have identical heading styles and site bars on the top and return links on the bottom. Do you have any good ideas as to how to make them "identical" in other ways?

    There are various ways we can go about doing that. We need to site down and talk again before I waiste any more time and effort into this. (I will get paid either way, but I want to do a good job for you. After all, this is my first real job in this field so I do want to have a good start and a nice history, ya know :-) )

    I do NOT want you to "waste" any time. I had thought that it would be a good idea for you to become more familiar with my pages. After 15 hours of work it would be good if you could come up with more specific examples for your general impressions. However, I agree that we have to sit down and go over your (general) suggestions in more detail and discuss future work. I will email you. Thanks.

    I have said what I wanted to say above about your page. Some of them are very good in giving out the information. If I have to go through all your links and clean them would take a lot of time. I need to discuss with you again on how to handle this. I know what it is but I can't really explain it here. Let me know when we can meet or talk to each other on the phone or chat room.

For coments and reply e-mail me

There two parts to this work (in support of the ACCESS Project):

  1. General Internet/Web Page support for the Undergraduate Program

  2. Preparations for the Service Learning Project which tries to get undergraduate students and retired or retiring faculty together around the computer and the Internet. (Preparation and "experiments" for start of program in January 1999)

Tentative List of Tasks: March/April 1998

  1. Web page for communication purposes between Duc and me
  2. Template(s)
  3. Guide for me/us: How to set up this program: "Toward a Model"
  4. Guide for students (helping retired faculty)
    a) general service-learning logistics, credits etc.
    b) how to help, work with seniors, to resolve conflicts
    c) technical assistance
  5. Guide for retired faculty
    a) sites
    general Internet and HTML
    specifically for seniors
    b) own description
  6. Review HTML editors and other pre-packaged Internet help
  7. Library work: Seniors and Computers
  8. Internet Searches: Seniors and Computers Faculty and Computers
  9. Retirement Office....??
  10. Computer and Internet Activities of Seniors (Retired Faculty)
    1. How to buy a computer/ where to find computer labs etc.
    2. Where to sign up for classes; what kinds of classes?
    3. Browsing the Internet, Search Engines, Principles of Internet organization; Directories for Seniors
    4. Other Uses: Taxes, Spreadsheet, Wordprocessing
    5. Email (a) Unix (b) Windows
    6. Creating your own Web page: why? For what purposes?
    a) professional bookmarks
    b) documenting past or present research
    c) preparing support pages for present lectures/classes
    d) personal pages of all kinds

    Review & critique Web page system (suggestions!)What kinds of pages/support would he find useful for classes which he has not seen yet in my system?

    Other Pages:

    Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 22:41:34 -0800 (PST)
    From: Gunter Krumme 
    To: "Duc M. Vo" 
    Subject: Re: Updates and some questions...
    The page which I am using for communicating with you is this:
    I thought you knew....  Maybe you want connect it to your page to make
    things easier.
    I have nothing against some color and small graphics. These graphics have
    to be freeware... there cannot be anything with copyright or trademark
    protection on my University pages. For these pages, content, i.e. largely
    written content is important. At this point, I still have to be concerned
    about the slow loading of graphic pages...  students would instantly
    [I like your small lively graphs in your calendar, though!]
    					Have a good weekend!
    On Fri, 13 Mar 1998, Duc M. Vo wrote:
    > Hi Dr. Krumme,
    > Thanks for the compliment.
    > I got my Saul account straighten out today....I now have 40MB of diskspace in
    > it. YES!!! :-)
    > So I have just move all that stuff over to my Saul account.  The new address
    > is:
    > Question:
    > 1)So are you going to have a page like this on your account?  If so, let me
    > know when you do...if not, then let me know what you're going to do.
    > 2)I tend to use a lot of graphics and color to dress up my page....and I
    > notice that you try to minimize data transfer so you do not use as much
    > images.  Should I continue my way on these pages(pages between me and you)?
    > and Do you want me to do the same for your Geography pages? (Of course I will
    > try to minimize it and also import only small images...I like things that come
    > to life, funy and a sense of relaxing...Images can really do that for me.  If
    > I can't find one, I will make.  I have lots of tools that can easily do that.)
    > I guess that's all for now...I will let you know as things come up.
    > See you latter,
    > DVo
    > P.S.:  Yes, I have seen and talked with Sharron yesterday and I have also
    > settled the work hours and paper work with Cartah yesturday too.  I am ready
    > to WORK! :-)
    > Gunter Krumme wrote:
    > > Duc:
    > >         Thanks. Sounds fine with me. You understood well what I had in
    > > mind. Let's try it out. However, let's not hesitate to improve on it if we
    > > find some better communications model in the future.
    > >         I saw your page & calendar. Great start! Make sure you see Sharon.
    > >                                                 Gunter K.
    > >
    > > On Fri, 13 Mar 1998, Duc M. Vo wrote:
    > >
    > > > Hi Dr. Krumme,
    > > >
    > > > I can't go to bed for the past 4 days now...the medication is not
    > > > working for my sleep.  So what I did was I created the private site for
    > > > me and you.  I just want you to know and to go check it out.
    > > >
    > > > Also, I have created a special e-mail account for me to contact you.
    > > > Please sent it to me in this address because all my other address has so
    > > > much junk mail that yours might be lost in the pile...if you know what I
    > > > mean.  This way, I can keep all messages from you separate from the
    > > > rest.
    > > >
    > > > The address is very easy to remember:
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > > That's it!
    > > >
    > > > is the sites...This is just temparary...because I
    > > > accidentally deletted some the pine file when I tried to create more
    > > > space for my saul account that I cannot put anything on there now
    > > > because they say I have exceeded my quota....I will work that out
    > > > tomorrow.
    > > >
    > > > For right now...the two pages is on my Xoom account I will move it back
    > > > to Saul as soon as I got it to work again.
    > > >
    > > > Here is the site:
    > > >
    > > > I hope you like it...if you have any suggestions....please let me know.
    > > > DVo
    > >
    > >           Gunter Krumme, Tel.(206)543-9089; Fax: 543-3313;
    > >;

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