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Günter Krumme

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Automotive Industry
  • "Die japanische Automobilindustry in den USA," Praxis Geographie 21(10), Oktober 1991. [Maps/Karten: "Standorte der japanischen Automobilindustrie in den USA"]

  • "The Political Economy of U.S. - Japanese Automotive Competition: Corporate Strategy, Industrial Policy, and the Dynamics of Structural Change," (with Jerry M. Calton), in: R.W. Moxon, T.W.Roehl and J.F. Truitt, eds., International Business Strategies in the Asia-Pacific Region: Industries Studies. Greenwich, Conn.: JAI Press 1984, pp.169-221.

  • ["Making it Abroad: The Evolution of Volkswagen's North American Production Plans," in: F.E.Ian Hamilton and G.Linge, eds., Spatial Analysis: International Industrial Systems. New York: Wiley 1981, pp.329-356.]
    "Chapters of high quality are those by Krumme on Volkswagen's plants in North America, Steed on the clothing industry, Savey on PUK and Bloomfield on world automotive spatial organization." [Thomas Leinbach (PG 1983)]

    "Four chapters of particular promise for theory development are Gunter Krumme's "Making it Abroad: The Evolution...", Guy Steed's "International Location...", and essay each on Poland and Hungary. Krumme's article is a delight. His time-geographical view of the corporation rings true to one who has observed the workings of bureaucracies whether corporate, governmental, or educational, and his thory of locational procrastination, complete with an appropriate optimal procrastination graph, not only enlightens but also brightens. His case study of the decision to locate a Volkswagen plant in Pennsylvania was based on his interpretation of the public evidence about the choice ..." [Robert B. McNee, GR 1983, p.361]

    "Zwei Beitrage fallen durch ihre explicite Theorie-Bindung besonders auf: Krumme definiert "Zeit" als Verzogerungsmoment im Entscheidungsprozess uber Investitionen und kommt damit zu einer Verlaufsmuster-Analyse (VW). Dieser heute in den Sozialwissenschaften oft vertretene Ansatz scheint vor allem heuristischen Wert zu haben. Auch Rogerson....". [E.W.Schamp, Geographische Zeitschrift 1983]

    "We cannot but compliment Mr. Krumme on well researched and excellently observed description of corporate decision processes in today's complex political and business environment. In contrast to many otehr publications it was indeed refreshing to read this article..." [Letter from VW management to editor F.E.Ian Hamilton, dated Dec.21, 1979].

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Corporate and Organizational Geography
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  • "Regional Development: Problems and Policies in Eastern and Western Europe," (George Demko), 1984, Growth and Change 17(4), October 1986, pp.83-85 (Review).

  • "Regional Development in Western Europe" (H.D.Clout) Professional Geographer, 34(2), May 1982, pp.242-243 (Review).

  • "The Logic of Unity" (G.Parker). Professional Geographer 34(1), Feb.1982, pp.119-120 (Review).

  • "Industrial Location and Planning in the United Kingdom," (David Keeble), London 1976, Annals (AAG), 68(3), September 1978, pp.436-438 (Review).

  • "Regional Development and Foreign Labor Immigration: Recent Policy Conflicts in the German Federal Republic," Abstract in: Program Abstracts, AAG Meetings, SaltLake City 1977, Hill and Myers, eds., p.54.

  • "Regional Policies in West Germany", Ch.4 in: Public Policy and Regional Economic Development: The Experience of Nine Western Countries, Niles Hansen, ed., Cambridge, Mas.,: Ballinger, 1974, pp.103-35.

  • "Development Centers and Central Places in West German Regional Planning Schemes," Review of Regional Studies, 2(2), Winter 1972, pp.215-34.

  • "Wachstum und Erneuerung britisher Industriegroßstädte," 1970, (Ingeborg Leister). Professional Geographer 23(2), April 1971, pp.194-5 (Review).

  • "The Interregional Corporation and the Region: A Case Study of Siemens' Growth Characteristics and Response Patterns in Munich, West Germany," Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 61(6), Nov./Dec. 1970, pp.318-333.

  • ["'Royal Hoesch Union: Case Analysis of Adjustment Patterns in the European Steel Industry," (with Douglas K. Fleming), Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geographie, vol.59, July/August 1968, pp.177-199.]
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Flexibility, Information and Uncertainty
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Location Theory & Industrial Geography
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Regional Economic & Linkage Analyses
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Regional Economic Development & Policy

  • "The Regional Impact of Technological Change," (A.T. Twaites and R.P.Oakey, eds.), 1985, Annals of Regional Science, 21(2), July 1987, pp.116-118 (Review).

  • "Turbulent Environments, Corporate Strategies and Local Employment Perspectives," GeoJournal 9(2), 1984, pp.111-119.

  • "Corporate Organization and Regional Development in the American Federal System: Theory and Policy Perspectives," in: George Hoffman, ed., Federalism and Regional Development. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1981, pp.154-92.

  • "Contemporary Industrialization: Spatial Analysis and Regional Development", and "Industrial Change: International Experience and Public Policy," (both: F.E.Ian Hamilton,ed.), Longman, 1978, Professional Geographer 31(4), November 1979, pp. 437-438 (Review, two in one).

  • "Entwicklungspole und Räumliches Wirtschaftswachstum: Untersuchungen zur Identifizierung und Inzidenz von Entwicklungspolen," Tübingen (Mohr), 1973; and "Growth Pole Theory and Economic Development," Saxon House, 1975 (both: Friedrich Buttler), Tijschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie 68(2), 1977, pp.116-117 (Review, two in one).

  • "Implications of Corporate Strategies and Product Cycle Adjustments for Regional Employment Changes," (with Roger Hayter) in: The Dynamics of Manufacturing Activity, L.Collins and D.Walker, eds., New York: Wiley, 1975, pp.325-356.

  • "Development Centers and Central Places in West German Regional Planning Schemes," Review of Regional Studies, 2(2), Winter 1972, pp.215-34.

  • "Regional Planning: Challenge and Prospects," (Maynard M. Hufschmidt, ed.) New York: Praeger 1969, Journal of Regional Science 10(2), August 1970, pp.268-271 (Review).
    "It is a very good commentary on the volume. I have referred the students in my class to it." [W.R.Derrick Sewell (1971)]
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General Economic, Business, & Industrial Geography and Regional Science
  • "Allgemeine Wirtschaftsgeographie: Eine systemtheoretisch orientierte Einführung," (Wigand Ritter). Munich 1991. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie 84(1), 1993, pp.77-78 (Review).

  • "Global Shift: Industrial Change in a Turbulent World," (Peter Dicken), 1986, Environment and Planning A 19(1), January 1987, pp.132-133 (Review).

  • "Bericht from neunten europäischen Kongress der Regional Science Association in Kopenhagen," Informationen des Instituts für Raumordnung, Vol.19(21), November 1969, pp.652-63. (Report)
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