Organizational Communication Networks and Intranets


Newspaper Clippings:

Big Iron in the Enterprise; By James Mathewson Computer User, October 1998.

"Conventional wisdom has it that the mainframe is dead. Gone are proprietary languages and client interfaces with long learning curves and high price tags. Open systems and common interfaces continue to pull flocks of IS managers from mainframe and minicomputer client/server environments to the more client-friendly Windows NT."

" HERE COMES THE INTRANET; And it could be the simple solution to companywide information-on-demand", Business Week, 1996.

Extranet enters the scene as cost saver for business, Seattle Times, Paul Andrews : Feb. 16, 1997

"As companies began building intranets, it dawned on them that sharing internal information over the Web would bring the same benefits, cost savings, efficiencies and culture-building to interactions with customers and partners as it had to internal divisions and departments. What if a company wanted invited guests to have access to their intranet? With password protection and other security measures, it could be done. Hence the birth of the extranet. Innovative Web companies are banking on extranets to reduce paperwork, streamline transactions and build mutual markets. Think of the possibilities:

-- Sales teams from Company X and Company Y want to get together for a strategy session. They check each other's calendars over the Web, find an available day and time slot that fits everyone's schedules, and block it out.

-- An accounting firm needs access to a client's purchasing and receiving orders for tax-preparation purposes. It simply pulls up the records on the company's intranet the way any employee would."

Helping to create intranets, Seattle Times, June 2, 1996

Intranets: For employees' eyes only A boom is expected as more companies seek to disseminate data to workers over a network of PCs, Seattle Times, June 2, 1996


Bernard, Ryan. The Corporate Intranet: Create and Manage an Internal Web for Your Organization.; John Wiley & Sons (order form) 400 pages List Price $29.95 US / $41.95 ISBN No: 0-471-14929-2. Third Printing (April 1997)
Synopsis of book)

Steve Guengerich ; Douglas Graham ; Mitra Miller ; Skipper McDonald, Building the Corporate Intranet SBN 047116268X, 440 pages, November, 1996, Paper/Web Site

Building a corporate intranet requires integrating two very different technologies; web development tools and enterprise-wide legacy systems. Few people possess enough experience in both areas to successfully make these technologies work together. The authors, leading consultants at BSG, explain the tools and techniques necessary for building an Intranet system. This book will show how to plan, design and build a corporate intranet system, including how to arrange and mange the project team and what tools for building a system are available, including HTML, Java, and Shockwave.

Intranet books (Wiley)

Peter Hagström, The "Wired" MNC: The Role of Information Systems for Structural Change in Complex Organizations (1991); "Unshackling Corporate Geography" (Geo. Ann. Ser. B., Vol. 72B, 1990); "Inside the 'Wired' MNC" (in Antonelli, ed., The Economics of Information Networks, 1992); and "New Information Systems and the Changing Structure of MNC's" (in Bartlett, Doz and Hedjund, eds., Managing the Global Firm, 1990).

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