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The New Economy's 'Network Society' Plays by Old-Economy Rules, NYT, July 6, 2000 By JEFF MADRICK

In the new economy, standardization and economies of scale are clearly back. It is too early to get precise data on this. Moreover, many of these new economies of scale are being earned in service industries...

The Internet Age Business Week, October 4, 1999 [cover story]

Beyond Geography: Mapping Unknowns of Cyberspace, New York Times, Sept. 30, 1999, By PAMELA LICALZI O'CONNELL

Mapmakers Stretch the Definition of Cartography to Help Visualize the Web. The mapping of that vast territory known as cyberspace has begun in earnest.

Negroponte's thoughts on Things That Think Seattle Times, June 2, 1996, by Thomas Huang, Dallas Morning News

MIT Media Lab director Nicholas Negroponte shared his thoughts via e-mail on "Things That Think" and on the lab that is creating them.

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