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North American Free Trade Area: consisting of U.S., Canada and Mexico NAICS North American Industry Classification System U.S. Census Bureau.

Negative introspection

Implicit assumption of most decision models: If an agent does not know something than he/she, however, knows that he/she does not know it. (Bacharach et al., eds., Epistemic Logic and the Theory of Games and Decisions, 1997) Nemawashi (jp) = practice of broad consultation before taking action

Network Analysis

Basic concepts in network analysis

Neural networks

New International Division of Labor

An expression (and book title) referring to the internationalization of production and its implications for both the older industrialized countries (deindustrialization, hollowing of corporations) and for the newly industrializing countries (NICs) (dependency etc.) [See Johnston (1994), pp.419-21]


"Not In My BackYard" [see also BANANA, LULU & NIMTOO] see Johnston, 1994, p.426


"Not in my term of office". [See e.g. Stutz, World Economy (3rd), p.191]

Nodal Degree

The sum of the (direct) links which connect a node to adjacent nodes; see also: Network Measures

Normative theory

Theory which depends on underlying values, not on facts. It identifies "what ought to be be" if such values are adhered to. According to August Loesch, "The question of the best location is far more dignified than the determination of the actual one." Lit.: Johnston et al., p.424

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