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Full-Text Publications:

Nicholas Economides, "Economics of Networks," NYU, September 1994.

"Connecting Homes to the Internet: An Engineering Cost Model of Cable versus ISDN", by Sharon Gillet

Kenneth E. Foote, "The Geographer's Craft: A New Approach to Teaching Geographical Methods in the Liberal Arts Curriculum," (From the Pennsylvania Geographer 32 (Spring/Summer 1994, pp.1-25)

Working Papers, Harvard Business School, Technology and Operations Management Group

Research Papers, Ohio State University, Department of Geography Papers by D. Marble on "GIS and the Social Sciences" and "Applying GIS Technology to the Freshman Admissions Process at a Large University"

New Concepts Douglass North: Why Some Nations Can Sustain Growth. by Peter Z. Grossman. Peter Z. Grossman was a student, and later a colleague, of Douglass North at Washington University, St.Louis.

On-Line Papers of IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis)

Electronic Journals

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