Morgan D. Thomas & The Washington School of Economic Geography

January 5, 1925 - August 6, 2001

Morgan Thomas as Chair [Dept of Geography, University of Washington]

Obituary (Regional Science Association)

Morgan Thomas' Graduate (Ph.D.) Students

Deane Richard LYCAN. Defense-Space Research and Development Contraction Expenditures: Analysis and Some Implications of Their Areal Patterns. [1964]

Anne BUTTIMER. Some Contemporary Interpretations and Historical Precedents of Social Geography: With Particular Emphasis on the French Contributions to the Field. [1964]
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Douglas Knowles FLEMING. Coastal Steel Production in the European Coal and Steel Community 1953 to 1963. [1965] [University of Washington]

Guy Perry Frederick STEED. A Framework for the Study of Manufacturing Geography: With a Consideration of the Nature and Process of Manufacturing Changes in Northern Ireland 1950 to 1964. [1966]

GŁnter KRUMME. Theoretical and Empirical Analyses of Patterns of Industrial Change and Entrepreneurial Adjustments: The Munich Region. [1966] [ University of Washington]

John Brian PARR. Regional Development and Public Policy: North-West England and the Post War Period. [1967] [University of Glasgow]

William Bjorn BEYERS. Technological Change and the Recent Growth of American Aluminum Reduction Industry. [1967] [University of Washington]

David Williams WILCOXSON, Jr. The Economic Geography of the Contemporary Steel Industry in the American West. [1967]

Neil Robert Michael SEIFRIED. A Study of Changes in Manufacturing in Mid-Western Ontario 1951-1964. [1969] [University of Alberta]

John CAMPBELL. The Relevance of Input-Output Analysis and Digraphg Concepts to Growth Pole Theory. [1969]

James B. CANNON. An Analysis of Manufacturing as an Instrument of Public Policy In Regional Economic Development: Canadian Area Development Agency Program 1963-1968. [1969]

Charles W. MOORE. Growth poles and industrial linkage development paths; a research methodology. [Urban Planning, 1971] [ Natural Resources Canada]

Rodney A. ERICKSON. The "Lead Firm"; Concept and Economic Growth: An Analysis of Boeing Expansion, 1963-1968. [1973]
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Peter HARRISON. The Land Water Interface in an Urban Region: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of the Nature of Significances of Conflicts Between Coastal Uses. [1973]

Richard LE HERON. Productivity Change and Regional Economic Development: The Role of Best-Practice Firms in the Pacific Northwest Plywood and Veneer Industry, 1960-1972. [1973] [Auckland]

Charles Gilbert SMITH. Spatial Structure of Industrial Linkages and Regional Economic Growth: An Analysis of Linkage Changes Among Pacific Northwest Steel Firms, 1963-1970. [1973]

Kwawu Yao AGBEMENU. The Pattern of Growth in the Manufacturing Industry in Ghana, 1958-1969. [1974]

James William HARRINGTON. Locational Change in the US Semiconductor Industry. [1983]

Barbara Lynn BRUGMAN. A Spatial Perspective on the Process of Technological Innovation in Technology-Intensive Industry. [1983]

Godfrey Emmanuel CHISANGA. The Wood Products Industry of the Lower Columbia Region: Technological Change, Evolution and Its Role in Regional Economic Development. [1983]

Patrick ALDWELL. Technological Rejuvenation and Competitiveness in the Washington State Woodpulp Industry, 1960-1985: A Global Perspective. [1988] [ Lincoln University, Canterbury, NZ, 2001]

Edward Joseph DELANEY. New Firms' Innovative Search In A New-Technology Industry: Evaluation of Biotechnology Firms. [1991]

Jesse Harrison BROWNING. Regional Development, Technological Paradigms and Policies: A Framework for Conceptualizing Socioeconomic Processes. [1995] [GTTLS, UW]

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