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Geography 207: Economic Geography
Objectives and Outcomes

GŁnter Krumme


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This course introduces you to basic concepts, frameworks, explanations, analytical tools and information resources in Economic and Business Geography. Introductory overviews are presented in the context of selected current issues at local to global levels. Through project-related assignments, we also have specific opportunities to relate these ideas and skills to your personal, academic and professional interests.

Upon completion, you should have a basic understanding as to how society organizes its economic activity in space, how interregional differences in economic well-being may come about, and how such processes affect your own daily life and professional plans. You should have developed some basic conceptual, explanatory, analytical, research and writing skills useful for pursuing interests not just in geography but also in all other social sciences, business, urban planning and other fields. You will have had opportunities to learn how information is organized and accessed in the social sciences, via the Internet and other modes. In addition to developing your information skills, you will have been exposed to various modes of inter-personal communications and collaborative teamwork mainly in the context of the project.

The project will be distributed over the full quarter and will enable you, individually and collaboratively, to develop a field of concentration within Economic Geography, and then to apply what has been learned in class to a "real-world" context ("Consulting Proposal") with which you are familiarizing yourself through a job, an internship, a service-learning arrangement and related library research in preparation for and support of such an arrangement.

Student Learning Objectives with Examples of Expected Learning Outcomes

It is expected that, at this end of this class (and hopefully for some time thereafter), a student completing this class with a 2.0 or better:

(Learning Objectives) Week 1:

(Learning Objectives) Week 2:

(Learning Objectives) Week 3:

(Learning Objectives) Week 4:

(Learning Objectives) Week 5:

(Learning Objectives) Week 6:

(Learning Objectives) Week 7:

(Learning Objectives) Week 8:

(Learning Objectives) Week 9:

(Learning Objectives) Week 10:

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