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    Volkswagen Chronology


    "Unfavorable exchange rates were making it more difficult to export to the USA. Volkswagen decided to take over an existing assembly plant in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. The factory took almost two years to be converted for the assembly of the Rabbit, and was opened in 1978 in the presence of T. Schmucker and Milton B. Shapp, Governor of Pennsylvania."


    The Volkswagen Group signed an investment memorandum of understanding to purchase ?koda Auto on 16th April 1991 after a keenly fought battle with the French auto-maker Renault.


    • TECHNOLOGY PARK East Huntingdon and Hempfield Townships Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania "The closing of the Volkswagen Plant near New Stanton compounded an already dismal economic picture for the county. Not only had several thousand jobs been lost, but the full use of this 1200 acre site was not realized.

      As part of the process in assisting Volkswagen in marketing the property and building, the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation "negotiated" a donation by Volkswagen to the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation of nearly 150 acres of land. This site was later exchanged with Sony for approximately 174 acres east of Route 119."

    Inter-Plant Video Communications Systems

    Volkswagen's Telecommunications Minicase 2-4: International The View from Volkswagen

    "Volkswagen AC, is the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world and operates in just about every country. It regards telecommunications as the key element in "building a global patchwork of individual plants and sales organizations and making these bodies effective." Recent new pieces of the patchwork include VW's acquisitions in the Czech Republic and plants in Shanghai and Chanchung, China...." from: Networks in Action. by Peter G. W. Keen (1996).


    Volkswagen [Business Week Cover, July 23, 2001]

    (Piech's) achievements have been considerable. Volkswagen's four main brands--VW (VLKAY ), Audi, Seat, and Skoda--have taken 19% of the European auto market, a gain of some three points in eight years, mostly at the expense of General Motors Corp. (GM ) and Ford. ... In South America, VW vehicles account for one-quarter of car sales, and in China, one-half.
    Piech had a dynastic interest in seeing VW revive. His grandfather Ferdinand Porsche, founder of the sports-car maker, designed the first Beetle in the 1930s, and his father, Anton Piech, ran the factories during the Third Reich. Anton's son, after working for Porsche, switched to Audi, which he eventually headed, and then moved on to VW itself. Ferdinand Piech certainly doesn't need to work. His clan is worth about $4 billion, thanks to its Porsche businesses....

    Sun EnterpriseTM 10000 Servers Put Volkswagen de Mexico In The Driver's Seat

    The introduction of Volkswagen's "New Beetle" has brought a surge of customers into the dealerships. Volkswagen's Puebla, Mexico assembly plant is the only site producing the New Beetle. In 1994, the site, which also serves as Volkswagen de Mexico's headquarters (, began migrating enterprise systems to SAP R/3. The decision was made in conjunction with a new strategy to outsource enterprise system operations to gedas north america (, a global IT services firm and the Mexican subsidiary of gedas GmbH, which was founded in Germany during the early 1980s. Since going live with R/3 in 1994, Volkswagen's sales and production volumes began healthy growth. Then came the New Beetle, and production soared even further. During the first months of 1999, Volkswagen's U.S. sales alone went up more than 60 percent compared to the same period of last year. With growth came the realization that Volkswagen could not tolerate down time or slow response....

    Volkswagen Looking to Expand North American Sales Week in Germany, Nov.13, 1998

    From Hudson?s Bay down to the Yucatan Peninsula, expect to see a lot more Beetles and Jettas on the road over the next couple of years. Volkswagen intends to bolster its standing as the world?s third largest auto manufacturer by capturing a larger share of the North American market, VW board chairman Ferdinand Piech told reporters in Florida Monday (November 9) during the unveiling of three new models. As VW?s North America boss Jens Neumann elaborated, the company expects to sell roughly 220,000 vehicles in Canada, Mexico and the United States this year. By 2000, VW and Audi, its up-market subsidiary, project combined North American sales of a half million vehicles. The U.S. will account for roughly two-thirds of those sales, if the company?s projections prove reliable. Volkswagen is betting that the New World will give as warm a welcome to its three newly introduced models - the Golf IV, the Golf Cabrio and the new Jetta - as it has to the reborn Beetle. Like the Beetle, the North American Golfs and Jettas are being produced in the central Mexican city of Puebla. The Puebla works is currently the only VW facility producing Beetles, and it recently increased daily production from 450 to 600 vehicles to keep up with demand. By the beginning of 2000, Piech and Neumann said, the Puebla plant should be turning out 800 Beetles a day.

    The love bug: New VW causes Beetle-mania in Seattle, Seattle Times, Tuesday, March 10, 1998, by Jake Batsell

    If Seattle's first reactions to the new Volkswagen Beetle are a reliable forecast, get ready for a craze of Macarena magnitude.

    Volkswagen unveils new Beetle: More power, less flower Monday, January 5, 1998 By JIM SUHR Associated Press Writer

    CASE STUDY: Volkswagen Group?s investment in ?koda Automobilov? a.s. (this case study was produced in 1996)

    - Volkswagen's reorganisation and upgrading of ?koda Automobilov??s Czech supply chain
    - the introduction of new, flexible working practices
    - the revolutionary new plant producing the Octavia range

    Volkswagen Leads China's List of Top 500 Joint Ventures

    The Shanghai Volkswagen Co., Ltd. has for the sixth consecutive year maintained its position as the most successful overseas-funded industrial enterprises in China, according to a report by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) and the State Statistical Bureau (SSB). Volkswagen earned 24.3 billion yuan from sales in 1996....