GS197 Freshman Seminar: 6th Week


Class Page:

Today's topic: Hypertextual Writing: Hypertext Resource Page

If you have not done so yet, be sure to:

  1. catch up with weeks 2-5 as needed.
  2. include your new or changed "special topic" in the "introduction" on your Web site or send it to krumme@u for the membership list.
  3. start a new page/file for your "special topic". From now on, you may want to find at least one reference every week and add at least two sentences to an evolving brief "mini-research" write-up on your special topic every week. (The end product should be 300-600 words of concise, well organized [on at least two hypertextually linked pages] and thoroughly proofread and edited writing)

Thanks and Have Fun! GK

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