GS197 Freshman Seminar: 2nd Week


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Today's three tasks:

  1. While you are waiting for your turn on the computer, please fill out the form asking for some information about your information technology background. Thanks!

  2. If you have not done so yet, or if you want to expand on your earlier introduction, go to the Discussion Page for this class ( and share with your classmates at least two sentences about your academic and/or professional interests or work experiences. Please also include your name and Email login. Let's find out whether we have some common interests!

  3. Open your Dante account (via "Program" and "Winsock Applications"), at Main Menu, go to "O" (Others) then to "W" (Web). Now admire and write down the address (URL) of your newly activated Home page:! Congratulations!

    Now: "Enter" and, at the prompt, type in:

    "cd public_html" [cd stands for "change directory"]
    "ls" [ls = list content, there should be only "index.html" which is your home page file]
    "pico index.html" [pico is the text reader which opens the file]
    For starters, change your first name initial to your full name.

    We do not have time for more today. Thus, close the file by typing:
    CRTL X, then "Y" for yes, then "Enter". At the prompt: type: "exit" and "L" and you are out of your Dante account.

    If you have time between now and next Wednesday, you may want to return to your Web directory and your home page file and make some other changes or additions. Open your Dante account, and type in "S" (Shell) at your first menu. Then type "cd public_html", then: "pico index.html", etc. Study today's other handout on HTML for some other simple HTML code.

    These two URLs could provide you with further assistance:


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