Information & Technology Questionnaire

(Freshman Seminar [GS197] Spring 1999)


Your answers to these questions will not be graded and will be treated confidentially. The results will be used to assess changes in the use of computer technology, not your individual computer proficiency.


Please check ALL that apply

1) Previous Experience with, and Present Access to Computers:

____ I used computers in __ elementary, __ junior high/middle, __ high school
____ I use a computer  at home, dorm or Greek House, at work (pls. underline) 
____ I presently have ready access (from work or home) to the University by modem
____ I presently use computers only on campus (mainly where on campus? ____________________)

2) I have used computers to
____ play games			  ____ write computer programs

____ do homework/word processing  ____ send E-mail messages

____ do homework/use spreadsheets ____ to write in HTML for my own home page

____ browse the World-Wide Web    ____ other uses:________________________

3) I am familiar with:
Pine (E-mail software)  not at all ___    moderately ____   	extensively ____
UNIX (System&Commands)	not at all ___    moderately ____   	extensively ____
WWW (Internet)		not at all ___    moderately ____    	extensively ____
A Spreadsheet program   not at all ___    moderately ____ 	extensively ____

4) Rank the digital University information services or University Web pages which you have used most extensively:
		1.  ________________		4.  ________________

		2. ________________		5.  ________________

		3.  ________________		6.  ________________

5) Have you used electronic Library / bibliographic reference systems/ data bases (via UWIN or the Library Gateway)? YES ____ NO ____ If yes, please rank the three most frequently used ones:
1.__________________  2._____________________  3.____________________

6) From the following list, mark all situations in which you have (or not) used electronic mail:
____ I have not used E-mail yet (but I do have an account)
____ I have asked an instructor a question 
____ I have sent E-mail to an instructor with a class-related 
					comment, argument or disagreement
____ I have scheduled a meeting for a group project
____ I have turned in an assignment per E-mail
____ I have discussed with classmates an issue raised in class
____ I have discussed issues relevant to classes with off-campus people
____ I have used E-mail for job or business-related matters
____ I have used E-mail for "general chats"
____ I am keeping in touch by E-mail with friends or family
	____ (a) locally or within the State of Washington
	____ (b) elsewhere in the United States
	____ (c) abroad
____ I have used e-mail to arrange my social life
____ other uses, please specify: _________________________

7) From the following list, mark all the situations in which you have used the Internet (incl. E-mail):
				____ to read a bulletin board
				____ to transfer files
				____ to write and send correspondence
				____ to download files or graphic images
				____ to participate in online discussion groups
				____ to browse the World Wide Web (WWW)
				____ to create and use my own 'home page'
				____ other (please specify) _____________________________

8) Mark those expressions which, at this point, best describe your feelings about the use of electronic technology in this class:

expected				frustrating, upsetting			
creates uncertainty			impersonal
intrusive				entertaining / exciting
no big deal / makes little difference	open to new experiences		
enthusiastic				time saving
inconvenient, time consuming		(potentially) addictive
participatory/ engaging			breaking the ice			
motivating, challenging			a bit overwhelming
old hat	/ what else is new?  		useful skill
too new / premature use			distracting	
waste of time				expensive
inappropriate				can't get enough of it
too busy to find out			my first day in class			
too early to judge

9) Which Internet topics or activities would you like to see or hear about most in this seminar?

(1)_____________________ (2)_______________________ (3)_______________________

10) Would you please alert your instructor to any possible problem you encounter with his Web pages by using the class discussion form or E-mail. Please do not hesitate to add suggestions for improvements. Thank you!

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