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Colloquium Schedule, Spring 1999

Dept. of Geography, University of Washington

Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 15:10:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: H. Mcquie 
Subject: GeogD: Spring Colloquium schedule

Here is our final version of the Spring schedule. We would be grateful if
you would forward it on to any contacts you may have in other departments.

Spring 1999 Colloquium Schedule
Fridays 2:30 - 3:30, Smith 304

April 2
Susan Lisa Toch, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Consultant, Friday Harbor Labs
Sustaining Watersheds and the People Who Need Them

April 9
Stephanie Camp
Assistant Professor of History, UW
The Somatics of Enslaved Women's Resistance in the Old South

April 16
Noel Sturgeon
Departments of Women's Studies & American Studies, WSU, Pullman 
"The Power is Yours, Planeteers!": Race, Gender, and Sexuality in
Children's Environmentalist Popular Culture

April 23
Michael Brown
Department of Geography, UW
Cleaning the Nation's Closet: Governmentality and Sexuality in the British
and American Censuses

April 30
Ralph Haugerud
USGS in the Department of Geological Sciences, UW
GIS talk (title to be announced)

May 7
Deborah Ohman, PhD
Department of Geography, UW
Understanding Change on the Oregon Coast: Restructuring and the Meaning of 
Property, Nature, and Development

May 14 
Randy Widdis
Department of Geography, University of Saskatchewan, Regina
Borders, Borderlands and Canadian Identity: A Canadian Perspective

May 21 (Kane Hall 2:30-4:30, reception in Walker-Ames following)
Donna Haraway, Nancy Hartsock, & David Harvey
UC Santa Cruz, UW, and The Johns Hopkins University
Conversations about the Capitalization of Nature and Cultural Critique
(tentative title)

May 28 (Cancelled!)
Goetz Wolff
Dept of Urban Planning, UCLA & Director of Research for the LA County
Federation of Labor
Applied Sectoral Analysis: Economic Development and Labor Organizing

"I'm sorry to say that our speaker this week, Goetz Wolff, has had an
unfortunate emergency and will not be able to come after all. Colloquium
is cancelled this week. Have a nice Friday!"

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